The Agricultural Revolution was the beginning of a chain of events that led us to where we are today. Without inventions such as the Horse Hoe, we might not have modern day tractors and plows.

Because of the better farming techniques, there became an excess of food produced. With less emphasis on ensuring that one would have food, people branched out and found a profession besides farming. The Agricultural Revolution was one of the most important events in modern history because it was the beginning of using technology in farming, it produced extra food, and it helped form a greater division of labor.The Agricultural Revolution jumpstarted the use of technology in farming.

Jethro Tull invented the Horse Hoe. This devise was pulled by horses and had rotating prongs that tilled fields and planted seeds deep in the soil (The Industrial Revolution). “New iron plows made plowing easier and less time consuming,” (Nosotro) The Horse Hoe led to some very important machines such as the tractor. Without the tractor today, most seeds would be washed away leaving people with a lack of fruits and vegetables. This revolution also lead to the production of excess food.After the 1600’s the average amount of food produced more than tripled (The Industrial Revolution).

Leading up to the Agricultural Revolution, most people had a low amount of food at any given time. Because of the revolution, people have a sort of cushion so that if there was a drought or a long winter, they had food stored so that they wouldn’t starve. Overall, people grew stronger, had stronger immune systems, and lived longer. In an essence, more food meant more people (Annadana). The Agricultural Revolution led way to a greater division of labor and made it so that people could explore and gain more knowledge as a society.This revolution freed people into types of work besides farming (The Agricultural Revolution).

Before the revolution, families main emphasis was on ensuring food and shelter. The revolution, individuals didn’t have to put so much time and effort into feeding themselves. “With more productive farms and a smaller work load, more people were able to leave the farms and go to the city. It is this large available workforce that allowed for the greater production needed to spark the Industrial Revolution,” (The Agricultural Revolution).

The Agricultural Revolution sparked findings in astronomy, biology, and mathematics. The Agricultural Revolution was one of the most important events in the last 400 years. As a result of this revolution, devises used to plow, turn, and till fields were pulled by animals. These inventions influenced modern day electrical plows and tractors.

During the revolution new techniques resulted in an abundance of food and animals. People became healthier and began to live longer. Also, because of the lessening emphasis on having enough food, the workforce grew as did the division of labor.The Agricultural revolution influenced modern technology, raised the average age of death, and lead to a greater separation of industry type. Without the new farming techniques that were invented during the time of the agricultural revolution, who knows what the state of our world would be in today.

The world would most likely still be living with slavery; held in the past by the lack of food and livestock. This is why the Agricultural Revolution is one of the most important events that took place in all of European history.