While the timing and reasons leading to the French and American Revolutions were different, the two were similar in many ways including breaking free from oppressive government systems, including stemming off of the Enlightenment ideals when recreating their governments and furthermore, inspiring other countries to start their own revolutions an get rid of monarchy and to create a republic government.1-Both the French revolution and the American revolution stemmed from the ideals of the Enlightenment and both were sure to institute those ideals into their reformed governments 2-Both were attacks against the oppressive monarchies that led them and an attempt to overthrow them so they could be in charge of themselves and get the things they wanted in government 3-Both had been unfairly taxed by the government that controlled them 4-Both inspired countries around them to start their own revolutions1-The roles that classes played in either revolution differed, most of the French, almost any class, were upset with the government because they too, were being punished with taxes so nearly everyone wanted a revolution, while not everybody wanted a revolution. More people in the upper class in France wanted a revolution than the upper class (usually loyalists) in America did. The monarchy was trying to tax the nobility and they were not happy with that, so they either fled the country or they participated in overthrowing their government 2-In America, a war had not been the reason for a revolution.

While it may have been an effect of the revolution, it was not the cause of the revolution like it had been in France. 3- The French wanted to change everything about their country. This was including their government, social institutions, religion etc while America wanted a government change but not to change the social structures