The Atlantic hurricane season that occurred the year 2005 is taken as the most dangerous one in the US history. The Atlantic hurricane season led to the death of a number of people almost 2,280 people died.

A part from the loss of life and damage to properties, the incident also had some economic impact on the US economy. The storm significantly led to speculative spikes in the price of crude oil. During this period the price of crude oil was very high because pf inflation brought by the damage to the oil industry.The occurrence of the storm has made both the public and government to have interest in addressing the climate changes that were created. The government therefore implemented the federal government policy and Ontario government policy. The federal government policy was formed after the occurrence of the hurricane Katrina that led to a big loss is the US economy.

A lawsuit was passed against the oil companies for the damage the storm caused to west lands. This followed several claims that the oil company had been warned for allowing salt water to flow into the marshlands and eventually eroding the lands. The federal government was forced to come up with a policy on the use of alternative source of energy apart from oil.The policy was basically on promoting the use of renewable sources of energies such as solar, wind and geothermal power production.

It is tore that oil is a very import source of energy to the US economy. With energy it means all the business activities taking place in government officers and private sectors will have to stop. However the negative effects it had caused was also considered by the government. The federal government passed a bill that provided a new mandate requiring the use of 7.5 billion gallons of renewable ethanol and biodiesel. The government policy on conserving and protecting the environment was also to ensure that the emission of green house gases are greatly reduced.

The current climatic change being experienced world wide is as a result of global warming brought by the release of the green house gases., these gases absorb or lead to the depletion of the ozone layer allowing the UV-light to directly heat the earths surface. Climate change is major concern by the US government and the only way to correct the system is by reducing the emission of these green house gases. The policy that was passed was to ensure that investors are encouraged to put their money in the renewable sources of energy.

People were therefore encourages to invest inn the best of today’s technologies and new technologies that are more efficient. These new technologies were to improve the efficiency in the release of green house gases.The companies formed should redesign their processes and operations to ensure that the rate at which green house gases are released to the atmosphere is reduced. The new business and technologies are believed to be efficient in saving the cost and bringing a lot of profits.

The federal government policies formed therefore aim at expanding any opportunity that is geared towards the coming up with such investments. For example the policy aim at removing regulatory barriers and reducing taxes on such investments. Even up to now climatic changes requires action at the federal, state and local level by all sectors of the economy. The effects of green house gases should be handled with a lot of care.

The overall policy should be based o9n coming up with renewable energy, sustainable forestry techniques and transportation congestion technique. The Ontario government also passed a number of policies on oil industry after the hurricane Katrina. We have realized that after the incident the prices of energy went very high due to the damage that was experienced by the oil industry. Ontario is known as the biggest province in Canada consuming the largest quality of energy in the state. Just to address the effects of climatic changes by the government on the emission of green house gases, it passed a policy on choosing the coal-fired power plant. During the burning of coal some CFC (carbon fluorocarbons) gases are released to atmosphere that in turn depute the ozone layer.

The increase in the amount of these gases released into the atmosphere is what cause today’s global warming.The policy on stopping the use of coal as a source of energy crisis in the area. This is because almost a fifth of the province is supplied with electricity produced from coal. The major that should be asked is between climatic effects green house gases create and the business in one state which one should be considered. This is because closing down the coal plant would mean that few years the economy will seriously go down and the government face inflation. There will be high demand for electricity leading to an increase in the prices of energy.

I believe addressing the climatic changes is the most important thing the government should look into. This can only be achieved by reducing the green house gas emission.Among the policies that were formed by the government include accelerating the freeze and phase-out of hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) which are chemicals that were used to replace the more ozone damaging chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). This policy was and found after the government had critically examined and found out that the hydro chlorofluorocarbon highly contributed to global warming. The government also passed a policy to provide at least some £20m which is roughly $40.

4 million dollars to support research on coming up or developing new low carbon vehicles to be on the road within the next five to seven years.This policy is to encourage investors and innovative companies so called entrepreneurs to develop some of these new products. Many vehicles release carbon related gases to the atmosphere contributing to global warming. The Ontario government also passed a policy on developing clean cars, clean fuels, clean technologies and products.

This too was to help in the reduction of green house gas emissions. The government has allocated funds to assist innovative companies to come up with these clean cars and fuels. Clean fuel and cars will automatically led to clean air. The transport sector is also a major target group looked upon by the government.

Global warming should be addressed ourselves in the new future we shall find ourselves in a different world altogether.According to my opinion I strongly believe that these policies will have a meaningful impact on Canada’s carbon footprint. The whole issue is eliminating the release of these gases into the atmosphere. It should come out clearly that the green house being experienced around the world.

If Canada can effectively implement these policies that there will be nothing to worry about. The economy will not be affected in any way, what should be done is to find other sources of renewable energy. By investors taking the leading in developing these energy sources, the economy of the state will still grow positively.Generally speaking transforming the various ways in which Canadians produce, distribute, and consume energy is the key to addressing emission of green house gases and climatic change. Addressing there issues also means balancing the need to maintains energy production and exports in order to meet the market challenges.

There is fear that Canada may not have a competitive advantage in the global market. This is because energy represents a major sustainable development challenge for Canada.Most businesses in Canada must use energy to manufacture and distribute their goods meaning that the whole economy seriously depend on it. However the country’s recent green house gas inventory indicated that the production and consumption of energy is also responsible for more than eight percent of Canada’s green house gas emissions.

The government should therefore develop new measures to integrate environmental conservation and economic development in order to enable the country sustain good economies growth. The adoption of these policies I think will make Canada less competitive with its international trading partner.One of the reasons to support this is the time frame taken for the policies to effectively work. It will have to take new investors to come up with new type of vehicle and clean fuels that do not pollute the air as far from the emission of green house gases. The transport sector will seriously be affected, as most of the vehicles will be grounded. Another reason why, I think that the adoption of the new policies on coming up with fuels and vehicle in Canada will make it less competitive is the cost of production the goods.

I believe that the price of energy will have to go very high and the manufactures or companies will have to produce their goods expensively. Due to high cost of production, most of the goods will not be bought at the international market because they will be charged highly. Any organization operates with an objective of making profits. If the cost of production is high, it simply means that the goods produced will be sold expensively.

Other stiff competitors will take the advantage by selling their goods cheaply at the international market. Consumers will not realize the benefits the new products and fuels used on the new products but later on they will probably more to the old items/vehicles which are releasing green house gases in the atmosphere. The policy can be good if it is a long term one. Other wise by being a short term it is rather better for US government to ignore them to ensure a successful and faster growth in its economy in order to compete internationally as effectively as possible.

Investing so much on coming up with different sources of energy (renewable energy) would mean putting the money on unproductive business. Standards of living nowadays should be very high whereby most people need to enjoy comfortable life by staying in a big house.Therefore you cannot convince someone to stop using electricity in the house. It is upon the government to decide whether to adopt the poicy or not.

Adopting the policies will result to low economic growth and less competition in the internal market. On the other hand, the government should realize that global warming is real whereby various changes in production, transportation, or consumption will contribute to the reduction in green house gases. Choosing to address between the policy and economy will contribute a lot to the Gross Domestic products either positively or negatively bearing in mind about inflation. Canada may see the sense of reducing the emission of green house gases but what if other nations fail to do the same?It means that they will have to suffer a great deal. Canada wants to increase its sales at the same time it want to reduce the emission of green house gases, both would create a drag in the economy. The biggest problem is changing the perception and behaviour o consumers.

If they can refuse to buy goods from companies or countries that are well known to be major polluters then there wont be any problem with adopting the policy. It is not good to suffer while other trading partners are enjoying recently, US has been forced to impose heavy taxes on Chinese goods making them more expensive in US and lowering the American standards of living. This is because china is a major threat competing with US in the international market. The advantage china has is that it does not invest in environmental quality.

This makes the cost or prices of the manufactured products to be low as compared to those produced in America. They will enjoy the large market and profits in the international market. Their goods are sold cheaply and the standards of living for its people are also high definitely because it is not investing in environmental remediation. Even though US has to impose high taxes on the Chinese products, consumers from other countries will still buy the products cheaply.Global competition does not involve two or three countries, but several countries and nations worldwide taking note of countries like Japan, India, German, France and Australia. Canada in the real sense will not have any competitive advantage by adopting the policies.

On reducing its production of green house gases unless its trading partners like china also agrees to adopt the same policies some policies might be good but the short-term and long term effects they create should be evaluated. Profit making will depend on the ability of consumers to purchase goods brought in the market.The whole issue is about changing the behavior and attitude of consumers when it comes to purchasing these items in the market. Otherwise there wont be any success made if Canada decides to adopt the policies and suffering in the long run. Global warming is soon becoming a disaster if not addressed by people. Due to the effects it has on the environment, different interest group have come up lobbying the government to regulate Canadian industry to reduce global warming.

Climate change should be addressed by the petroleum industry because the industry is responsible for the burning of fossil fuels. It is the burning of fossil fuels that lead to emission of the green hose gases to the atmosphere. It therefore means that the petroleum industry has not been left out in addressing the issue of global warming.Actually what should happen is that new industries are needed that are committed to using renewable energy. But are the companies ready for this? Canadian Association of petroleum producers is an industry organization representing over one hundred and seventy companies that produce 95% of all oil and gas in Canada. The organization basically takes care of the members interest in order to ensure a successful transaction.

If performs roles such as participating in regulatory hearings, legal proceedings and governmental affairs, both nationally and internationally. CAPP has been useful in participating in environmental issues such as environmental assessment which ensures that environmental effects are considered in the planning of a project and tea affected members of the public have an opportunity to participate.The impact of the petroleum industry on environments evaluated as most of the GHG (Green houses gas) produced contributed to environmental degration. Air pollution is an issue that should be addressed by different stakeholders. The Canadian Association of petroleum producers (EAPP) was then formed to lobby the Canadian government to stop any determined action on curbing fossil fuel consumption. The efforts made by this group is to pressurize the policy makers not to implement the layout protocol on carbon dioxide emissions.

The layoto protocol basically was formed to ensure that the oil industries stop burning of fossil fuels. However, the Canadian Association of petroleum producers did not see the reason why they were pushed while the rest of the world was not affected by the policies.According to the Association they argued that the government should avoid imposing costs on Canadian industry prior to knowing what the world would do. According to William Stanbury and Sean Moore (1993) it is the responsibility of the government to consider public policy implications across all the government departments. Small industries should not be intimidated by this kind of broad approach. Careful supervision and monitoring of the policy should therefore be done before it is implemented.

There are some important roles the interest groups play. One is that the government normally is viewed as a body that does not listen to other people. The interest groups play an important role in ensuring that government is reacting to some of the policies put forward. The Canadian Association of petroleum producers (CAPP) also favors emission trading meaning that the encourage the industries to further continue polluting the environment.

There would be no sense passing the policy on Canadian industry will leaving other countries.The CAPP therefore give Canadian industry aright to pollute environment. They are working hard to ensure that carbon emission is increased in the area. Lastly CAPP is advocating fore any commitment to reduce emission to be purely voluntary and regulated by the oil corporations themselves.

It would be good if corporations regulate themselves in the best public interest.There are key issues that should be addressed by the interest groups lobbying the government to regulate Canadian industries. One is the purpose or principle which basically deals with the governments interests in the policy made. The other one is the process which is concerned with those concerned with decision making and the central issues they are dealing with.

Every decision that the government makes should be guided or influenced by a group. The last issue is on perseverance stating that nothing will happen in public policy advocacy unless someone is actively and persistently pursuing the issue. The CAPP therefore has been actively contributing to lobbying the government in examining the policies put into place.