Nearly one in 10 children in the United States is being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a new government study. That’s an increase of more than 40% percent compared to a decade ago. Today, over 30 million children in the United States have been identified with this disorder, and 99% of those diagnosed have been prescribed a stimulant-based medication. Article, The ADHD Epidemic in America, questions why so many people, especially children, are being diagnosed and prescribed at such an increased rate.Some say that doctors are over diagnosing patients while others believe that the epidemic is simply related to the generation.

But According to J. M. Stolzer (2007), “Behaviors that were once considered normal range are now currently defined as pathological by those with a vested interest in promoting the widespread use of psychotropic drugs in child and adolescent populations” (109). His statement implies that our society has taken on the “quick fix” mentality; rather than trying to find alternative methods, doctors will simply prescribe a drug to quickly modify the undesired issue.However, the “quick fix” solution to this subject is not necessarily a safe one, most ADHD medications consist of highly addictive and potentially dangerous chemicals.

This article suggests that ADHD itself has turned into a business and many people including pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and public schools all have a vested economic interest in promoting the ADHD phenomenon. In conclusion, our culture insinuates certain behavior expectations, and if one does not meet the requirements they are considered impaired. Simply, it is much easier to drug someone rather than accept them or find other means of help.