The American Cancer Society (ACS) was created almost a century ago to fight cancer.  The organization is responsible for the fight to eliminate cancer from their research through the services they offer in order to be a success for their stakeholders.

Prevention, research, education, advocacy and services are the supporting factors of the organization.  These methods are essential to provide support to patients and their families, healthcare professionals, and the agencies volunteers in order to be successful with their fight against cancer.

The ACS has been in operation since 1913 and is considered the oldest and largest volunteer health agency nationwide.  The purpose of the organization is to eliminate cancer through prevention, research, education, advocacy, and service.

The organization is operated through volunteers and donations; therefore, it is a non-profit organization.  According to the Charity Navigator Organization, as of 2005 the American Cancer Society spent over 577 million dollars towards eliminating cancer.

The funding for the organization comes from donations, sponsored fund raisers, as well as federal, state, and local government grants.  Donations come from private individuals through several financial methods such as a one time donation or even a beneficiary donation from an estate.  Many businesses also hold fundraiser within their companies to donate to the ACS as a corporate donation.

A few of the fundraisers sponsored by ACS include Relay for Life, golf tournaments, flower sales, galas, and many other types of fundraising events that involve communities.  Through activist and grant proposals the agency solicits for funds from federal to local government entities.

The ACS is best known for their research, prevention, and education.  Below is an example of the link between research, prevention, and education:

…numerous recent studies have found a correlation between obesity and cancer risk. Last month, researchers published data showing that obese people have double the risk of developing pancreatic cancer… Another recent study showed that women who gain 44 or more pounds during their adult years face double the risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

There is also preliminary evidence that obese women are more likely than healthy-weight women to die after contracting breast cancer…The American Cancer Society said it would soon launch a physician- education effort …to warn patients of the link, as well as recommendations for increased cancer screening for the obese.(Mishra, 2005)

To further analyze this statement it is found that research was completed and a link was found between obesity and certain types of cancer.  With the knowledge an obese person is more likely to get these types of cancers the ACS is able to communicate through health practitioners and the media the serious link between obesity and cancer.  This communication acts as prevention and education to reduce the risk of cancer.

These types of communications alert advocates of action that may need to be taken in order to implement new policies to support the prevention.  Through advocacy the ACS is able to receive government grants and encourage government officials to pass laws in order to require insurance companies to cover cancer screenings.

According to a FACT sheet published by the ACS, the federal government is the largest funding entity of cancer research.  The advocates of the ACS are also responsible for numerous communities now being smoke free.  The advocates include employees of the organization as well as average citizens that write letters and petition legislature to encourage change in support of fighting cancer.