In recent years, the country has seen the youths of this great nation lack moral character and judgment. The breakdown of our youth stems from many reasons, popular culture, bad parenting, and lack of role models. The popularity of beguiled celebrity and popular culture has not enforced respectable role models for our youths. Unfortunately, many parents are not teaching their children values and respect. The responsibility of developing ethics all too often rest on the education systems.

Building character and cultivating values in our youth demands teaching these principals to children.Schools can incorporate ethics and values in subjects such as reading, history, and science. It is eminent for schools to incorporate character education as a part of the curriculum and standards of our education system. Character Education Promoting early development of ethical values in children teaches a child to live a virtuous life.

The education system has long taught students to be good citizens and they have endorsed not plagiarizing. Statistics The decline of morals in our nation youths is evident in the news each day. The statistics about the youth of this great nation are alarming.The violence among teenagers is increasing along with teenage substances abuse, sexual promiscuity, and crime. “Among boys, 42% of high school students and 32% of middle school students believe it is okay to hit or threaten a person who makes them angry.

The only ways to reduce these frightening statistics is prevent them through education. Teaching values and courage to say no will help youths be able to stand up to peer –pressure. Character education needs to provide exemplary role models to help teens become respectable citizens. Consequences of Teaching Ethics The relevance of character education has become increasingly important on influencing the younger generations’ ethic behavior.By infusing character education and after school programs that help children learn values, the decline of social problems will decrease.

When character education has been, implemented improvements in social interactions and academics have improved. When students learn diversity, tolerance, and anger-management there is significant decrease in violence in youths. The Curriculum of Ethics Children are not empty vessel that we can only be filled with knowledge.The expectation of creating youth that only know how to perform academically but do not understand the value of ethical integrity seems pointless to society. Theodore Roosevelt words our even more relevant today.

He said, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. ” The importance of infusing ethics into the nation curriculum is applicable in today’s world. Literature is an important instrument in developing character education, through learning about different characters and their values.Teachers can implement academic standards by having student analyze the characters and their actions.

Literature work provides student with role models and helps them evolve in their decision-making. History has an important role in learning about past heroes and infamous villains that changed history. Youths can find heroes that help shape our world. The role models from history can influence future generations.

Throughout history, there have been ethical decisions that have left a profound mark on humanity.Student need to learn from those consequences and evaluate the morality and the responsibility that humans have on one another. Science curriculum can help cultivate discussions on the ethical practices, environmental ethics and research that scientist our implementing today. Every student should be taught accountability to be good stewards of the earth and to be instructed on environmental ethics.

Restoring and rejuvenating the Earth is an important lesson that instructors need to incorporated in their curriculum.Teaching recycling, about global warming can open discuss on how students can advocate for a better future. The curriculum for character education can be utilized as a way of promoting ethical integrity into the lives of our students in this great nation. The core academics can teach our youths how to become students of character and veracity. Society cannot blame the deterioration of our youth’s values, if we do not teach them ethical and moral values.

Conclusion Our great nation has excellent opportunity to instruct our youths on the magnitude of becoming citizens of virtues characters.The benefit of teaching character education goes beyond the classroom. The time is at hand when students as well as educators need a curriculum to help them cope with the world we live in today. To learn the concepts of character education, the values, and skills that will nurture humanity.

Character education can teach academics that are infused with morality and ethics to produce dedicated young people and adults who will become extraordinary humanitarians. To educate merely one’s mind and not the soul is to create empty vessel of knowledge.