Where does the student’s money go? What happens when to the students when they finish they finish college? Will student loans help student to reach their goals? These are some of the questions that student may ask to their self when they are applying for student loan. Going to colleges is now hair-raising than before. Student loan can affect to the student for the rest of their life.

Student loans are now rapidly increasing, more student having difficult time to pay their student load, and it does not guarantee a better career after they graduate. The student loan is tremendously increasing every second.From the video, they stated that “175% increase tuition from year 1979 to 2010”. The student will be on debt after they graduate in college. One of the reasons why the tuition is rapidly increasing is because the schools like to have a better campus.

The schools would spend money to build buildings so they can attract more students to enroll. The schools are competing, making more buildings and larger school. Schools would provide fancier structures such as having a spa, gym, and more. The students are the one who is actually paying for the buildings being built around the campus.The tuition increases because of the improvement of the campus rather than preventing their student in debt.

If the school could be more focused on the student earning their degree, the students could save more money and be lessen their debt. While the student loan debt is increasing the more financial problems student may have. This leads to a higher amount of student that could not afford to pay their student loans. Financial Aid is one of the government programs that can support student lessen their bills in school. In order to be qualified to these program the student should have meet the requirement.For example, FAFSA is one of the Financial Aid programs.

In order to be qualified to this program the student must be independent from their parents. Based off my personal experiences regarding this situation, the students who are independent but their parents income is more than $50,000 a year, the student would not be qualified. In order to receive the FAFSA in this situation, the student must be twenty-three years old. Some students will find a job so they can pay for their classes. Some of the jobs that student may recommend is working in school.

For example, working in the book tore, or in the cafeteria will help students to gain extra income to pay their classes and loans. Some students will lessen their time at school and work a full-time job in order to pay their student loan. It might take longer for them to finish in school but it is a risk that some of the student would take.While the student loan is increasing and more students cannot afford to pay their bills, the career of the student after college also does not guarantee after graduating in college.

The students are not guaranteed to have their dream jobs right after college. Form the article “Is Forgiving Student Loan Debt a Good Idea? Webly states “Former students tell stories of unemployment, worthless major, low-paying jobs and resulting six figure debt. ”(Webly). Earning the degree after college for students does not mean that they will have the job that they wanted. Another example from the movie, she stated “I have a degree, I am now $100,000 on debt and now working $8. 50 an hour at Ace Hardware”.

After the hard work students have the student loan still does not guarantee the life that each student wanted. Even though students do not make enough money to pay their student loan, they still have to pay it.There are people who are in their 60’s and still have to pay $30,000 in student loans. Student loans are a risky investment of money that does not guarantee students future. In conlusion, student loans debt is a big issue in our society. Students should have guaranteed to be successful after college.

Student loan should provide a better career for each student after they graduated in college in order to pay their student loans. The school should help students find a better job like how the students help the school build better building and larger school. The more opportunities out there is the better to students to pay their student loans.