My goal was to test different drinks that are advertised to help you have a better athletic performance, and to find out which one worked best.Procedure: 1.I measured each test subject’s reaction time prior to exercise for comparative measures. 2.

I divided each 1200ml portions of Gatorade, Powerade, and Water into 300ml portions respectively. 3.I had each test subject take one of the drinks and go on a 30min run. I then, instructed the subjects to sip gradually and consistently throughout the run.

4.When test subjects returned, I measured each of their reaction times using the method that follows:Method For Measuring Reaction Time: 1.I asked the subject to place his or her forearm flat on the surface of a desk or table. The subject's entire hand was extended over the edge of the desk. 2.I then asked the subject to place his or her index finger and thumb approximately 2 cm apart.

They held a 30cm ruler vertically between their thumb and forefinger .The lower end of the ruler was even with the top of the thumb and forefinger. 3.They indicated when ready and released the ruler within the next 30s. Then, I measured the distance the ruler fell before being caught between the subject's thumb and forefinger.

I then repeated the procedure for the left hand. I recorded my data in a table.