The demands of adolescence today are building up in a society characterized by different issues like fragmented families, sexual and physical abuse, inconsistent child disciplinary practices, high crime neighborhood, affluence and poverty (World Bank 2005). Psychologically, if such issues will continue to wreck the society, delinquent behaviors will be inevitable during adolescent stage. Most of the adolescents who witness derelict behaviors from other people and their surroundings are susceptible to perform derelict acts as well.

Perhaps, providing a proper venue for the presentation of the possible consequences in case they perform delinquent actions would help them realize what is right and wrong and would help them learn the outcomes from following such behaviors. A presentation that shows the existence of laws that do not free the young whenever they commit crime could be one of the many ways to inform them about the impacts of following delinquent behaviors.It has to show that guilty youths are to be sent to detention or community based rehabilitation centers and social workers for better rehabilitation, values formation, vocational training education, and educational and legal assistance. In the same way, adolescents who witness values and upright actions from other people are likely to follow the right path as well.

Psychologists say that most delinquents’ acts are not due to criminal tendencies but rather, a weak, incomplete, or defective superego leading them to do the primitive childhood urges resulting to juvenile delinquency (WHO 1951).Most juvenile delinquents are suffering from psychopathic personality. These are the youth who have brain damage, physical trauma, and extreme childhood’s emotional deprivation. The mischievous act done by the youth are the results of inconsistent discipline as well as harsh discipline done by parents or guardians.

Moreover, broken home is a factor resulting to juvenile delinquency, disrupting the practices of responsible and positive parenting. It is too severe to know that human actions are the grounds for such delinquency.