Analyzing the application of crime prevention, the purpose of SCP remains to be relevant. However, this must not also correspond to the purpose and value of associating prospects leading to deriving motivations for human deviant behavior. Here, it takes into account the formulation of specific and collaborative strategies that can further embed options available for each law enforcer to consider.It may be true that SCP can indeed associate delinquent tendencies; however they remain to be centered on the short term and prove to be inefficient in determining capacity to expand on establishing links between human behaviors due to its specificity.

Seeing this, by incorporating criminal identifications, it can help designate effective means to associate means towards finding opportunities towards addressing both long term and short term policing. With these, I do believe that mainly implementing SCP in communities and neighbourhoods only denote partial aspect of the crimes committed in a specific location.Here, it fails to foster new means of deriving appropriate directions that can lead towards effective implementation. At the same time, it can also induce biased tendencies in terms of ascertaining dominant deviant behaviours and neglecting other occurrences that are also essential in its application and development. Such ideals in turn create limited means for institutions to remain effective and efficient in solving these crimes.

Likewise, it becomes a politicized form of interest-building and hampers the original aspect of what crime fighting and prevention should be all about.