While it is true, everybody deserves to live a life of fun, fulfilment and pleasure. However, there comes a time when there should be a limit to how much fun you can have, especially when you become a parent.

Parenthood brings responsibilities. It means that decision-making in all aspects of life has to be more considered. Some say that despite the parents’ obsession, children can learn to change their ways. Yet, setting a good example is a major factor of the development of the child, even if he is capable of self-learning. Many people believe that parenthood is not the end to how adventurous you can be.Alternately, we all read in newspapers of how children become orphans because of parents’ unnecessary risks or decision.

Parents have a duty to survive, and they have the chief duty of raising the future leaders of the world. If parents are well-experienced, then there shouldn’t be a problem, according to some people. Simultaneously, the future can never be accurately predicted. Many say that parents can choose whatever sport they want, according to their feelings. However, there are different and much safer activities for parents, if they lack exhilaration. For example, campaigning for rights, can cause many problems to the parent.

It is their duty to stick to their beliefs, yet moreover, it is their obligation to preserve their lives for their children. Children can be affected if their parents tell them of their danger-involving past and can tell their children not to repeat their mistakes. On the other hand, children can be rebellious, so it is best to refrain from any further dangerous activity. In conclusion, the debate is not exactly a closed case.

However, in my beliefs, a parent should not be allowed to take unnecessary risks. As a parent, you have to strike a balance between what you want to do and what the family needs.