Task A1. It is important to children that we work in partnership with parents/colleagues/other professionals so the children in the setting receive the best quality of care offered to ensure theirs needs are met.

Good relationships between parent/careers colleagues and children are enormously important in the early year’s settings as they benefit everyone especially the children. Good relationships create a friendly, welcoming and safe atmosphere for children this will help them to relax and feel comfortable in the setting and will make it easier for the child to move from the care of one person to the next. Good relationships between colleagues mean that they can enjoy their work, Good relationships in teams also means that during times of stress, tiredness or difficulties, practitioners can share the burden and help each other out.2.

Three relevant partners for communication and information sharing within my setting are Parents/careers, practitioners and the manager of the setting.3. The 3 characteristics that define a good working partnership are communication, feedback and confidentiality.4. Three potential barriers to an effective partnership working are Lack of communication, breaking of confidentiality and lack of confidence.

Task B.1. In my setting Clear and effective information between partners is important because it will make a difference to the care that is provided for the child. Clear and effective information will ensure their emotional, physical and educational needs are met.2. The data protection Act is a piece of legislation that is designed to prevent confidential and personal information from being passed on without the persons consent.

Any setting that collects and stores information about their children must register with the Data protection commission.3. Some conflicts are simply the result of miscommunication one conflict that may occur when sharing information between partners is the parent may feel the information you have shared with another colleague was not necessarily important for you to share e.g.

their child is still wetting the bed at night time if a parent was to tell you this in confidence this piece of information is something that shouldn’t be recorded or shared with colleagues as it doesn’t effect how the child would be cared for in the setting.4. Before information is recorded it is always good to get the parents/careers consent information must be adequate and relevant. Information that is recorded must be kept in a secure place and must not be kept longer than necessary.5.

 Under the data protection Act, written information about children must be kept securely. Sensitive information should not leave the office of the setting. It should only if necessary be shared with other professionals in the setting.6.

 Referrals are made to different agencies in cases where children may require extra support e.g. speech and language therapists or social services