1.       Competitive position

The Chateau is not faced with stiff competition since Lake Louise has restrictions on new hotel construction. The major competitors are;

· The Post Hotel: it is much smaller and only caters to independent travelers.

· The Rimrock Hotel: it lacks a spectacular setting and it non profit and learning centered.

2.       Fairmount’s  business strategy

The Chateau’s aim is to utilize the surroundings which are the world’s most stunning natural settings by converting them into profits through the hospitality and hotel business.

The hotel’s future direction is to build sustainable tourism through innovative programs that partner with the local community and reduces negative impact to the environment.

Their strategic objectives are; to innovatively renovate so as to achieve 25% growth in revenues and to showcase the local heritage and culture to develop smart business endeavors.

The strategic plan addresses all stakeholders from the local community, the entire management and the hotel clients by tailoring accommodation plans that suit all categories of travelers.

The Chateau has a big edge over its closest competitors since it has an unrivalled spectacle and effectively caters for a wide category of travelers. Apart from these, it has additional competitive advantage since it ha adopted a Green Partnership Program that ensures the sustainability of the tourism business in Lake Louise.

3.       Advantages and disadvantages of Fairmont in Canada

With a huge number of rooms, the hotel produces a big amount of waste which is potentially harmful to the surrounding natural environment. Though this is a major disadvantage, it offers a great opportunity to develop green system that ensures sustainability in tourism. The hotel is emerging as a model globally with its innovative Green Fuels Bio-Pod.

4.   Required change levels

The hotel needs to develop facilities and packages that would lure more independent travelers. They also need to device ways of boosting their revenues during the low season.

5.  Profits and ethics

The hotel has been very effective in ensuring that the push for greater profits does not comprise their ethical standards. The implementation of the Green Partnership Program is a testament of this fact since it shows their care for the environment.

6.  Typical pressure compromising ethical boundaries

The hotel may face the temptation to do away with the expensive Green Fuels Bio-Pod since it requires a lot of money to implement. This would result to negative environmental impact.

7.   Corporate Social Responsibility

The company could extend the use of the recycling faculties beyond the hotel vicinity to shape up a good CSR image. They could ensure that the faculties are used in the entire Lake Louise region.

8.   Supporting global strategy

Fairmont has entered into a partnership with the WFF to create a climate change strategy that is committed to reducing the impact associated with global warming. It has made successive efforts to ensure that all its products have benchmarked their carbon footprint according to UN protocols to achieve greenhouse gas emission targets.