Riordan Manufacturing Is a global plastics manufacturer which employees over 500 people with annual earnings of $46 million. Riordan has plants In Albany, Ga, Pontiac, MI, San Jose, CA. and Hangzhou, China. The corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, their major contracts are with automotive parts manufacturers, Department of Defense, beverage makers and appliance manufactures. The company has a reputation in the industry for extreme precision and outstanding quality control nationally and Internationally.

Supervisor Training Project The last couple years Riordan has had problems with employee morale in which the employee complaints have risen steadily. The company has a plan to increase employee morale and create better communication with its employees. The company's plan is to increase morale and provide training to employees to help them complete their jobs more efficiently. The new plan Is has milestone for completion of this project of one year. Risk Identification There are many techniques in identifying risk, the most popular is brainstorming.

Brainstorming is the preferred method because you have the opportunity work with different people in the organization to give you different perspectives. The goal of brainstorming is to cover every potential risk, without making Judgment about their importance In the initial stage. A facilitator will brief the group on the purpose of the brainstorming session and the Intended outcome. Members of the brainstorming team should be the one most familiar with the problems In the organization.

The number of risk discussed during a session should be limited to ten because going ast ten faults could lead to redundancy but always remember it is better to have more than ten risks because you never want to be in a position where you are not identifying enough risk (Cooper, Grey, Raymond, ; Walker, 2005, Pg. 9). Riordan can use the Information gained from the brainstorming to resolve the Issue employees have Identified. Supervisors are not performing and need assistance with Identlfylng the issues employees have with the treatment are receiving that is affecting the moral.

Techniques Fault Tree Analysis and Event tree Analysis is a couple of the other risk identification ethods that could help with Riordan's Supervisor training program. Fault trees are an important specialist technique for risk assessment with significant extensions Into quantitative aspects of risk analysis. It Is a process derived from system engineering for identifying and representing the logical combination of causes, system stats and risk that could lead in the contribute to a specific failure event (Cooper, Grey, Raymond, & Walker, 2005, pg. 16).In the Riordan case the use of a chart that could display where the management has to understand where faults can be identified. This process can identify where an event starts and helps management show supervisors how to better analysis employee issues.

This process could also help supervisor work future projects. Event tree analysis is another process that uses a flow chart to show what happens after the initial event occurs. The tree uses historical information to help identify how events shape the risk in an organization.