Original text: Newspaper article of ‘Alton attorney accidentally sues himself’ • The news produced by a print news company in Alton written by a reporter named Steve Korris. It is distributed on local newspaper in Alton, Illinois, United States and online for the Internet users worldwide. People can only read the news on the day of it is published in the newspaper. As it is available online, people can retrieve the news archive anytime via their smartphone or computer (laptop or PC).Remediated text: SAZ News broadcast in online video parody form • People involved in the production of the video could be independent filmmaker, film and television’s students and Youtube’s member.

The distribution of the video is through social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter. Internet users can access the video anytime and anywhere in Youtube or Vimeo through their smartphone and computer (laptop or PC).Essay structure Summary The remediation project is changing news article in newspaper to online news broadcast in parody form. It changes the production and consumption habit of consumers as it changed to new media that is following the needs of current media consumers.

However, the remediated text can raise few issues such as source credibility, ownership of the story, privacy of the involved partiesEssay structure 1. Introduction: Discuss the meaning of media remediation/ media convergence and summary of essay content. 2. Body 1: Production of original and remediated text - old media only the authority are able to produce and distribute the media. New media’s consumers are able to produce the content anytime and anywhere without to go through complicated procedure.

3. Body 2: Participatory culture – remediated text to new media allow users from all around the world to comment on the content of the media. 4. Body 3: Consumption habits of original and remediated text – Consumers’ consumption habit of original text can only access to the article on the date of it is published and only can retrieve the news archive via online. Remediated text changes consumers’ consumption habit where they can access the news via social media anytime and anywhere.

5. Body 4: Ownership of media’s content – remediated text used content from the original text thus it will raise an issue of copyright as the content used without permission. 6. Body 5: Credibility of media source – media consumers might be wondering the credibility of remediated text as media consumers produce it not by the authority.

7. Conclusion: Remediation does change its production and consumption habit of the media text.