During the reasoning aptitude assessment survey, I realized the importance of my critical thinking skills and how it affect the outcome of my work in business environment. The survey provided a concise response to my personal interest with a clear purpose to analyze my thinking style and how I process information, which will eventually be utilize in career path later on in life.Mostly everything I do in life is effective by how I process information and when information becomes too complicated, the best options for me is to strategize to prevent any potential risk to my work, individuals that I work with and to effectively communicate, even if an arguments arises. In the music industry environment I work in, persuasive communication is a vital skills to have to gain profits for my musical works. The music industry environment is always changing to meet the demands of its consumers and shareholder’s.

So the process of critical thinking begin with me and my creative thought processes; this allow me to create music that industry and fans want to hear and purchase, follow the music culture to produce new ideals and be innovative to advance in my musical career. So in the end, having good persuasive communication skills, comes from my experiences in the working field environment, that allow me to be innovative, plan ahead for future projects and to adapt to any situation that may need my critical thinking for positive results.