1. How do you think a small margin for error affects communication on a project? When there is a small margin for error communication can be affected. In the project for Ball Corporation there is absolutely no room for errors and everyone involved in the project knows it. Because there is no room for errors everyone is really detailed when sharing information and in delegating assignments. The employees force themselves to pay close attention to every detail because every little detail counts.When there is room for error the management might not be so detailed with the employees and the employees might not pay as close attention because they know that an error won’t cause any drastic problems.

2. In what ways do you act differently in a face-to-face meeting than you do during a telephone conference call? A telephone conference call is very different than a face-to-face meeting. When you are in a telephone conference call you don’t dress professionally or even act professionally.In a face-to-face meeting you are forced to dress appropriately and act appropriately because everyone else in the meeting is able to see you. You can’t be still in your bed on your PJs because that would be very unprofessional; you can’t mute the call and talk to someone else because everyone will notice.3.

Why is written communication essential in some situations (such as conveying specifications), while oral communication is essential in others (such as technology interchange transfers)?Written communication is essential conveying specification because it makes it easier for the receiver to follow the specifications and the steps if any because everything is written down, while oral communication is essential in others. When Transferring Technology you are also transferring knowledge and skills which are better captured by example or hands-on-training.4. What listening hurdles do you find yourself facing as you listen to others? How do you handle it when you believe someone you’re speaking to is not hearing what you say? I can be very good at listing to friends and family when they need help with a problem.

But sometimes I have a hard time listing when it is needed most. Sometimes I space out, do not know where I go but if I have to listen to a speech that goes on to long I space out or start to get really impatient. Well if I feel someone is not hearing what I am saying I ask them a question about what I am talking about. I have a five year old so sometimes it is like talking to the wall. But with some people you just need to explain things a little more. O'Hair, Dan.

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