1.1 Racism and discriminationRacism is a form of discrimination, for example such as sexism, ageism etc.

The person social and moral traits had a influence on his or her biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief most based on racism that different races should be separated from one another. Racism has existed since the human history or because the person is different due to their skin colour, language, customs, place of birth, and the basic nature of that person. Racism has influenced wars, slavery, legal codes, the form of nations.Discrimination is a treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual, value, or racial discrimination. It involves the group reaction or interaction influencing the behavior towards.

According to the philosophers discrimination have been defined as a treatment or consideration. A single person doesn’t need to be harmed in order to discriminate against. He or she need to be treated worse than others for some reason. When he or she decides to donate to help the orphan children and discriminate the black children out of racism attitude he or she will be acting in a discriminatory way even though people he discriminates against by which he has donated the money.

The reason that people degrade is because to make themselves feel better. They want to have what other people have. Some people are ignorant and they say things without thinking it could hurt other people. There are people who are very indirect in communicating things, it could be that the comment had another purpose.

These indirect communicators often say hurtful things as a way to express they have been hurt before, or to let the person know what they are feeling. Since people usually are selfish their communication is more about expressing their emotional state than its about attacking. Degrading comments is also a problem. Often times people are feeling being abused because of the bad things that people say to them.The reasons that people discriminate against others are because: * Since their childhood people grew up with discrimination, they see the way adults respond to them who are a different race, religion, or sexual orientation.

* People who look or act differently are often the subject of discrimination * People discriminate against others because there is something strange or unknown about the person they discriminate against * It seems to be a human trait to think what we believe, how we live, and what we are is the only right to believe * People start discriminating against a group of people after bad experiences that happened.During my high school year I have been discriminated and bullied because I looked different. They called me a Chinese and they always said that I was a skinny girl with a flatt butt. There was a group girls they were jealous because I was a very nice girl and the teachers favorite student. One of the reasons that the girls bullied me is: According to them I have told other class mates bad things about them and that the teachers always believed me.I had a job interview at a five star hotel, I felt rejected the manager has not accepted me because she said I did not have enough have enough skills for the internship.

It has been a very difficult time to find a internship at the hotel because during the job interview I was very insecure.1.2 The history of discrimination The discrimination started between the 17th and 18th century. Their forefathers were brought to American colonies as slaves. In the past African Americans were called negroes, black or coloured . The term nigger was in the southern part of the USA where discrimination against them was very bad.

European traders brought the first slaves from Africa to the new colonies. After arriving in the new world they were brought to the white masters to work on large cotton and tobacco farms. Their living conditions was very bad. Slave work was very difficult, because most of the woman cooked and raised children of their masters. Most of them however were farmer workmen.

Not all Afro American were slaves there were free Afro American people in big American cities but they had very few rights.In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. He was strongly against slavery and in 1860 he put an end to slavery.During the world wars and in years later more Afro American people started to move to the cities to the North to find a job and to lead a better life.

World war 2 opened great opportunities for Afro American people. Some of them became pilots or officers.After world war 2 an new right for civil right moments began and it started in the year 1950. African Americans started to have more confidence and believe more in themselves. The African Americans started a group called the NACCP stands for The National Association.

In 1955 a black woman Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to let a white passenger take her seat. The movement reached the amount of members in 1963. After the congress passed the Civil Rights moment the African Americans received the right to vote.Black powerWhile Martin Luther King wanted to improve the situation of the African American without violent, other people became more violent.

In 1960 Macolm X said that African American should use more violent to achieve equal rights. In 1968 two American medal winners during the Olympic games they used their fist to protest against the African American people. In the same year Martin Luther king was murdered by a white man in Memphis, Tenesse.African Americans today Since the violent times of the 60’s African Americans made progress and improved their situation in part of the American life.

The largest cities including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles has had black mayors. About 25% of the Americans live in estate. Discrimination still exists in many areas and the standard of living progress behind that of the white population. Since the slavery has ended 150 years ago the African Americans have made big profits .The first people who have been discriminated were the African Americans.

The discrimination started during the slavery. The reason that this people had been discriminated is because they were used as slaves until 1885. African American people did not have the right to vote. These people had to pay for poll taxes and pass literacy tests.

Around the year 60 African American people had to sit on the back of the bus. Black and white were separated. When African American people had to work they were paid less than white people. They were not completely protected under the law or by the country.1.

3 Black and White People owned by others , to be bought and sold or forced to work is slavery. Slavery has existed trough the history in many times and most places. The ancient Greeks, the Romans, Incas, Aztecs all had slaves. Slaves can be held against their will.

In other counties children are forced to work as slaves, servants were kept in captivity, Slavery continues to grow and was recognized by many societies.