In the United States of America where environmental racism is present, the inter-minority communities retaliate to the abused, oppression and discrimination continuously occurring in their society. Even before the civil war, race has been the basis for slavery between African-Americans and European-Americans. African-Americans were used as laborers and slaves in the plantations in United States.

In 2007, the Science Daily reported that the black and Hispanic residents living in major cities in United States subsist in a more contaminated area of the city while the white people lived in a more comfortable part.This illustrates unfairness between races thus promoting inequality. Recent studies of Downey (University of Colorado) show that several cities where minorities subsist were found to be exposed to pollution. In this scenario, either black, Hispanic or white minorities were present. Downey perceived (sociological view), that environmental racism is caused by the policies set by the majority living in a particular city.

The factors affecting environmental racism include domination of race, poverty, residential isolation between races and income inequality.The interactions among these factors present the existing inequality in a particular community where environmental racism exists (Environmental Racism 2000). Downey identified Detroit, Milwaukee and New York with highest residential segregation between the black and white communities. Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Memphis and Tennessee were identified to have highest income inequality between races.

In addition, Orlando and Portland were found to have many cases of racial discrimination between communities (Environmental Racism Study 2007). In Delaware, Chester was listed to gain highest proportion with low-weight births.The state also listed 60% mortality and lung cancer rates among other states in the United States. The problem started from carrying garbage containing infectious waste.

This causes the residential houses to become affected. The trucks route in Chester has an effect to the children playing alongside the Chester roads. Chester compared in any other place in Pennsylvania had highest blood-lead contaminants found among the children. The population of Chester consists of 65% African-American (blacks) with low-income average; others are Hispanics, Asian-Pacific islanders, and whites.The nation's 7th largest trash (and industrial waste) incinerator, the nation's largest medical waste autoclave (closed since 1995), and a sewage treatment plant and sludge incinerator are all cited only yards from the houses of Chester. In response to these problems, the community association fought for environmental justice (1992-2001) (Environmental Racism 2007).

Their protest against environmental racism was entertained by series harassment and threats from the people owning the waste facilities. The residential houses were vandalized, cars have been damage and peace was turned to upheaval.In 1996, students from Drexel University made a documentary about environmental racism. This help in informing other African-American citizens informed in the issue (environmental justice) (Ewall 215).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of the federal government, measures the air pollution in 61 metropolitan states. Recent researches were found out that residential isolation and income inequality are the causes of environmental racism. In conclusion, the scenarios experienced in Chester imparts that environmental racism exists in metropolitan areas and in dominated race areas.