I have always been curious to sit down with a psychic to find out what my reading would be, at the same time nervous and scared that I would find out something disappointing, so I avoided going. Me and my boyfriend Nasi went downtown last month to go shopping, as we walked down the street in downtown center city, we came across “Tina’s Psychic Reading”, on the corner of 7th & market. Nasi grabbed my hand “let’s go in”, I hesitated saying “no, I’m nervous, I’m not ready.Nasi looks at me laughing, “said you always wanted to go, so here we are, come on! I finally sighed giving in.

As we entered we walked up some steps, looking around this place reminded me of a home and felt very comfortable and welcoming. A lady in a long burgundy dress, with a long beaded necklace draping down to the middle of her stomach, greeted us. “Hello, my name is Tina, what can I do for you today? I replied, “I would like a reading done”. Tina smiled, “great come this way and have a seat”.

I walked over slowly, I sat down looking at her. “What is your name”? Tina asks, “Jazmynn”, I replied. “Ok Jazmynn would you like for me to read your palms or the terror cards”? Tina asked. Undecided I paused for a few seconds to think, then told Tina that I would like for her to read my palms. “Ok hold out both your hands towards me”, Tina said. I placed both hands out in front of her, the first thing she read was that she sees an operation, and that the line in my hand represents a past or future operation, that made me worried.

Tina continued on telling me about my future, “I see you having two careers and being financially good”, Tina says, “It has something to do with music, although I can’t tell what your second career will be. ” That was very interesting she knew that because I’ve been singing since I was young and music has always been a passion. Tina went on saying that she also sees a marriage and two kids, boy and girl, when Tina told me that I was happy. The room became silent for a few seconds then Tina says,” I’m seeing regret, what is that you regret in your past, she asked.I replied back, “I’m not really sure.

” Tina then looks at my hand, “there’s a big opportunity coming, having to do with music that can advance your career, don’t turn it down or you may regret it. ” I was happy about that but confused all at the same time. We wrapped up the reading, it was over. Tina smile at me saying, “Jazmynn you will live a long healthy life, enjoy it. ” Thank you, I replied then we left.

I felt good after everything, it was a great experience, not sure if everything she said about my future was accurate but I was still happy to know that there may be a great future ahead!