Many sources of reading can we get nowadays . From internet ,e- reading ,library ,newspaper and so on.

Reading can help us to improve our language . Len order to gain knowledge we also can know what happens around us through reading. All information can we get from it . Furthermore , if you are in stress , reading is also helpful to reduce it . Many benefits can we get from reading actually . But , in this era , reading is a dying culture .

Especially in group age 13 to 19 . Majority of them dislike reading . This is because a few factors had affect them . First factor is social networking and second factor people knows are too busy with heir work . First and Formosa , they are too engage with computer.

It is good if they are use it in good way such as read an article in internet , news , or anything that give some benefits to us . But unfortunately that are not their choice .They more preferred to choose social networking and face it 24 hours . Such as faceable , twitter , friends and many more. The are willing to stay up and use their whole night to chatting , playing games and so on .

Especially teenagers . Besides that, people knows are too busy with their work and they are do not have any mime to read. They Just think reading is Just wasting time and not interesting. They more preferred to watch a television or listen to the music .Furthermore if they want to do some research , they will Just Google and Google will show it . Because in this internet age , everything Just at fingertips .

In a conclusion, what can be summarized are most of the people have lost the value of reading . Reading is s such dying culture and people do not reading for pleasure. This is because people are too focus on social networking and people nowadays are too busy with their work.