All systems of communication will have its pros and cons and can have room for change or improvement to meet fluctuating needs of service users. A manager should always try and propose improvements to systems and encourage their staff/team to provide ideas on how to better a system. The proposals can be derived from personal experience, staff feedback, service user’s feedback, requirements from local authorities, requirements/prompts from CQC etc. Reporting and identifying issues with communication systems and proposing improvements can be undertaken through meeting or through reports.

It is very important to liaise with external partners through meetings. During meetings the demonstration of skills in involving and listening to ideas and problems, coming up with and identifying solutions, being able to compromise with others and alleviating the anxieties of others are very important. Improvements to communication systems can be proposed by the manager through review forms, questionnaires, meetings, introducing new methods of communication with service users for example letters, meetings, surveys etc.

When a manger is proposing improvements to communication systems they must ensure that the improvements and changes and its purpose is clear and coherent, and ensure staff are able to implement the improvements and changes. Management should ensure the continues support of both their staff and service users and ensure their feedback is always welcome and taken into consideration whether it be positive or negative. The most effective way to propose these changes or improvements to communication systems is at staff meetings as it is face to face and staff can request more information or express a lack of understanding if necessary.

Moreover it is important for management to allow for a reasonable time period between the proposal and the introduction of the changes and improvements helping both staff and service users to understand and come to grips with the changes and improvements and provide their feedback if necessary. Most importantly is that staff work together as a team and the ethos of a hardworking and united service is rendered and personalisation is upheld within the service.