How working practice can impact on the development of children and young people Because the care and education that is given to children, in not only a placement but overall, effects the childs development as a whole it is important that everyone working within a setting is using best practice as well as making sure to maintain a positive atmosphere around the setting. In my own working practice I encourage the children to enhance their development in all three prime areas and all four specific areas set out by the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) through activities and play.When in my placement I communicate with the children through reading them books, mark making, talking/listening to their stories, singing, dancing with them, and outside activites such as 'shape hunts' in the garden etc. Throughout the day I observe what the other practictioners are doing, how they interact with the children, along with watching and speaking with the children so I know what their personal intersts are so that I can learn from them and know how to then make activities work for the different abilities and interests to engage all the children in order to not make any of them feel left out.Institutions, agencies and services that affect childrens and young peoples development As now there is an understanding that many different agencies and services can help to enhance childrens development, the multi-agency approach it often taken.

Institutions help by communicating with a child and their family where there is a possible need for specialist equipment if the child is disabled. Institutions are also there for support and keeping people safe. Children's development will imporve dramatically if the child feels safe and secure in their environment.Agencies in terms of the police and social services help to keep children and young people safe.

They also help families to find a place to live to that they are able to find work and support themselves. Depending on what is happening in their family live when the need for an agency such as the police is involved, a childs development may decrease slightly or stop altogether. For instance; if a family memember was suddenly taken out of the house the child could become stressed due to the seemingly sudden dessapearance of a loved one, this could then cause them to stop their personal, social and emotional development.Services in the form of education centres, nurseries and schools help the child/young person to greater their self essteem and confidence.

With their self essteem and confidence increased children and young people work towards becoming mature, inderpendant people. All three of these play a hand in effecting a child's or young persons development. This is due to the child or young person feeling unsafe, or uncomfortable with people they don't know suddenly being involved with their day to day life.