Professional behavior in an organization is gotten form corporate and organization culture. Organization culture is different from corporate cuture.

Organization culture comprises of attitudes ,experiences ,beliefs and values of an organization, while corporate culture is usually determined by senior management they impose beliefs and attitudes to the employees. In the conversation of Pete and Sara we get to see the imposed corporate culture in the organization the culture that no employee should fall short if working on the cash register.There is a sign of the misconception of the corporate culture of which I believe was meant to instill discipline and attentiveness. This is a sign that the organization will be on the loss because of the discouraging culture, lack of initiative in terms that there is poor motivation and encouragement . The workers at the cash register do not feel their contributions make a difference, the management of Farmers Markets fails to understand their errors so they work defensively and not creatively to protect their job and not the customer.

Proper controls should be ensured to discourage the habit and control the customer such as ensuring in the receipt it clearly states the change of the customer. Feedback form the customer is very important, by having a customer relations channels like a suggestion box, mail or toll-free telephone number. Management should change their assumptions and attitudes towards the employees, assumptions about employee characteristics and behavior.Farmers Markets should have periodic reviews of the organization and corporate culture and ensure the employees are involved in the making of the corporate culture. Employees should also find a way to communicate to the top management their grievances in a more professional manner through their right supervisors if possible because keeping of the extra money is wrong and it will lead to worse consequences when discovered.