Crime and criminal behaviors continue to escalate In the world. As a matter of fact, crime is most associated with various causes.

Scholars assert that there are biological or genetic features that are believed to be the causal factors of crime. In addition, there are psychological and social explanations to deviant behaviors in society today. According to various biological theories, deviant and criminal behaviors are a form of illness that Is caused by pathological factors.These pathological factors are basically specific to people to certain type. The biological criminal behaviors are believed to be caused by genes (Anderson, 2007).

In that, some people In life are born criminals because they are biologically different with the non-criminals. The logic behind the biological criminal behaviors is that individuals with such characteristics have physical and mental inferiority that causes the inability follow rules and learn, leading to criminal and deviant behaviors.The psychological evidence has been seed In society to give evidence on the role of biology in offender criminality. The social and biological forces are the things that drive the physically and mentally inferior people towards crime. Basically, the criminal behavior is asserted to be a direct result of inheriting biological inferior features. These characters include thin lips, sloping forehead, body hair, straight hair, sloping shoulders, small ears, as well as long thin neck (Million, 2003).

These physiological factors are attributed to the criminal behaviors of individuals. In fact, the biological researches that have been carried on criminals show that there is a critical link between the biological factors and Inherited factors. The biological inferior features are believed to cause specific criminal behaviors and particular type of crime. Thin and tall men are believed to be robbers and murderers, heavy and tall men are cheats, and those short and heavy men are mostly prone to committing sexual crimes (Anderson, 2007).The criminals according to physiological factors are organically inferior.

In order, to reduce criminal behaviors In society the mentally and physically defective persons should be sterilized. There are various behaviors that constitute psychopaths. A psychopath refers to an Individual who does not feel any remorse, empathy, ad guilty for their actions. The behaviors that constitute to psychopaths include being manipulative, cunning and understands the difference between wrong and right but does not adhere to it (Hellion, 2013).People with these behaviors mostly have the inability to gauge whether their behaviors are dangerous, deceitful, and dishonest; hence, they will not accept that they are In the wrong and admit that their actions deserve punishment (Mellon, 2003).

One of the examples to the Issue of psychosis Is the case of Andrea Yates. It became one of the debatable cases since it was difficult to decide whether it was a murder or psychosis. Yates in the past had a history of postpartum depression that was caused by schizophrenia. People in this condition require medical attention to eliminate anxiety, sadness, compulsion, depression and despair.

Andrea Yates was one of the disturbed individual with psychosis. It was evident that Yates suffered from post-part depression prior to the murder of her five children.