Born in the 20th century and grew up in the 21st century, my life involves many new development and invention from head to toe and every aspects to benefit our life. Things are changing around us very dramatically and very quickly in each century subject to the demand and resources change. Modern inventions cover from hardware, technology, manufacturing, information, medical, education, telecommunication, sport and even food.

I would say that several modern invention that have connected things together and mostly comes from plastic base. We are in the plastic society. Anybody who claims that they don’t want to use plastic, they couldn’t deny that they still depend on plastic from sunrise to sunset by using products that are made from plastic. Therefore, we need to know how to cope with its advantage and disadvantage and how to take care of today world environmental problem which half of the problems are from plastic production.

There are several definitions of invention but the simple definition is the creative process from brainstorming, developing, studying, experimenting, patent and leading to production and manufacturing. Several inventions were made and change the way we lived such as from simple life to the modern living. From 19th century till today which we have read from publication or seen on TV all the times, we have seen thousands new inventions from all sectors.

However, I would say most of those several inventions required the basic materials that help inventors to move forward in term of idea and production. That is plastic. Plastic has been around more than 150 years. Its history began in 1839 with Charles Goodyear, the chemist who accidently discovered the process of vulcanization, making rubber more durable and since World War II, the pace has picked up and a number of plastics have been created and continue to be used every day.

After WWII, there were many innovation and invention to our life such as new aircraft, new car model, new cellphone, new medicine to safe our life, new tools, new building materials to replace wood or cement and many others which are made from plastic and it is part of the modern invention from 19th century until today in 21st century which has been developing to match our demand. Plastic has been playing major roles in most of every productions and materials from house to medicine, vehicle, telecommunication and even fabric for clothes is now used the mixture of plastic as yarn or nylon.

Since its invention, it gradually surpassed ivory, wood, glass and tin as a prime manufacturing material. But if we are looking for the next big thing to come along and bump plastics out of the picture, we are probably out of luck. Most experts agree that plastic, like it or not, is here for in our daily life. If we don’t have plastic today, I couldn’t imagine how several or almost inventions could be invented nor moved this fast.

We may not have a good tool to treat people, new medicine to safe life nor medical equipment for operation even it may not 100% to be use for steel nor value materials replacement, but it has been developed for their stiff and durable for several purposes. We may use more natural resources or cut more woods to build house or burn fire to give us heat . Plastic is the byproduct of hydrocarbon . After we know how to use gas and oil as fuel in industry and vehicle, plastics was invented and used in most manufacturing sectors.

Plastic products have been one of the best sellers in the market because of its many great benefits to people. Since the day plastics where introduced to the market, we can’t resist to use it. The reason is plastic last for a long period of time. Plastic do not dissolved unless we burn it to ashes. There are so many advantages such as recycle, cheaper, durable and last forever. The use of plastic in our day to day activities is very important. It is used to store and organize things. It is used widely in various businesses.

However, plastics are made up of carbon and other harmful materials. Because of this, using of plastics has to be reconsidered. If possible, try to use alternatives of plastics to lessen having lots of used plastics in the environment. In the end, plastics would be burned down which in effect may lead to serious problems resulting from its hazardous chemical emissions. There are inventions recently for green plastic by making plastics from corn. It is easy for disposal and degrading. We are in the “Plastic” world.

Do we really depend on plastic for everything in our life? Do we have any other choices? It looks like we don’t have much choice. In my opinion, I cannot deny that I have to use it to serve my daily life. But, if I can choose or if I can try to avoid overusing plastic, I will try to recycle the plastic materials such as plastic bag, plastic water bottle and etc. I personally prefer to save the environment by carrying the fabric bag to the mall in order to help the world on global warming issue.

I would like to see the better invention that can totally replace plastic in the near future. We know that it will not be that easy but human being is always too smart to think on alternative in meeting our demand. Since the invention of plastic in mid of 19th century, we don’t know how to stop using plastic because it is part of our life and besides many manufacturing and products depend on this amazing discovery and invention. It lasts forever, cheap, durable and besides it can be recycled.

However, its real disadvantage is found to harm our health and environment. New modern invention on plastic replacement is going on. I do believe it will be more economical and really replace plastic in the near future because plastic creates significant environment and economic burdens. In real life, invention is amazing and always used to serve our need. However, we should be the one who know how to manage and to control it with our own hands.