As humans have a highly developed brain, new innovations in communication are created to make our living standards better.

However, there has been a debate on whether such changes benefit our lives more than worsening them. In this essay, I will point out both side of view and state what I think. In this modern world, telephones are no longer the only device used to communicate with other people. For example, using new software applications like skype, is undoubtedly one of the popular ways for communication.In this way, we can surf the net and chat with our friends at the same time.

Time can be more well-spent and furthermore, extra phone bills can be saved as well. Another advantage for communicating via electronic devices is convenience. For those who cannot bother going outdoors to meet up with someone, such modern technology can certainly solve their dilemma. On the contrary, others suggest that such trend of communication can make people’s social skills degenerate.

As time passes, people tend to forget how to talk to each other naturally when it comes to the necessity of face-to-face communication. In addition, such phenomenon can increase the popularity of laziness in one’s habit. To sum up, I would admit the fact that modern means of communication can add unexpected good points to our social lives. Thus, the downsides cannot be ignored. It would be better if we remind ourselves to go out with others once in a while to regain the confidence we used to have in our social lives.