The Cultural Revolution, also known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, was nothing more than a thinly disguised means to protect Chairman Mao’s political standing. (pg 276) Many innocent people were persecuted for nothing more than political power for a decade. What one might not know, however, is that while these things were done in Mao’s name, they were actually being done due to Mao’s wife, Jiang Ching. (pg 117) It is truly abhorrent to think of the people wrongly accused and detained without even the benefit of trial during this time.Anyone who was an Individualist, meaning that they had their own thoughts and beliefs, was considered immoral.

(pg278) It’s amazing that people were forced to live in fear of having someone appear at their door to search their homes, with no cause (pg 131) . All in the name of keeping the Communist Party in control, apparently. Three classes of people, most were considered not proper. Only the red? were good enough. Black, people such as landlords or rightists, were considered enemies of the people (pg 277).

Neutral were not read, so were thought to be weak.Apparently, only the poor peasants that never questioned anyone or anything were the proper people for Mao. The number of people terrorized and made victim of the Revolution are staggering, over 100 million people, a tenth of the population of China. No one was safe, and anything could put one in suspicion (pg 101).

One example of the treatment of some of the previously noteworthy citizens was the displaying torture- literally placed with blackboards on her, with demeaning phrases- balanced precariously on stools, Professor You Xiaoli in front of all her colleagues and supposed friends.The stool was kicked and she was left for dead. A similar method caused the death of a novelist, Zhao (pg 100) Remember, these are people that normally in a civilization would be considered good people, not people to be abused and taunted. It’s rather ironic to consider that much of the Revolution is blames on Mao’s wife, Jiang Ching, when you consider that many businesses in China are now run by women. So, even though she is detested, she was a model for women to be more powerful.

It’s amazing that the desires of one woman could cause such chaos and nearly destroy an entire country.