What are some other reasons that people work. Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer. Some people work because they need money to live. I do not agree with this idea. In my opinion, to improve myself, broaden my perspective and discipline myself are what I expect from work.

As these will be ingrained in me forever, it does not like money which is finally used up. Nowadays, business is highly competitive. Companies have to produce goods and services rapidly. They require competent employees who are able to work effectively. Competent employees should be a fast-learning person who can work immediately without much training. They need to put their time and energy to finish their job responsibility correctly and quickly.

As a result, we have to improve ourselves to be competent employees who are able to work in today’s world. Moreover, I work in order to broaden my perspective. In working life, we come into contact with many people such as customers, supervisors, colleagues and subordinates. We have to communicate with people having different backgrounds and behaviors which enable us to learn and try to adjust ourselves to work with the differences. Very often, I need to work as a team in order to brainstorm ideas. I usually get many new ideas from others which I have never thought about them before.

It significantly helps me widen my perspective. Working also helps us to become more disciplined. Workers have to follow corporate rules and regulations. They have to work continuously during work time.

Furthermore, they have to be evaluated their job performance whether they should be promoted or whether they are unqualified for such position causing them to maintain their performance well all the time. These kinds of behavior will finally become a habit because we do it in everyday definitely helping us to develop self-discipline. In sum, from my perspective, I work in order to improve myself, broaden my perspective and discipline myself because these things will help me to be a valuable person. It cannot definitely happen, if we do not work.