It is very understandable that most parents dream sending their children to college so that they are well prepared for the competitive job market. In my personal case, I have had several obstacles in life that prevented me from finishing college when I was younger, single and childless.

The reasons why I have decided to go back to college and get a degree is directly related with my personal and professional life.As a husband and father of two, I realized that a good way to teach my kids what is important in life, what is good and bad, what one should do in a difficult situation and how to be a good example to my family is to go to college and get a degree. I always heard from my parents that we shouldn’t force our kids to go to college just because we believe that is the way to go. I personally believe that if I want to persuade my kids in the future to get an education, then I think I should set myself as an example for them.I know that by getting a college education is no guarantee of success but at least you will become smarter than what you were before you went to college. Furthermore, as a professional accountant with more than 10 years of experience in my field, I realize that going to college is the only way to continue improving my skills, growing within my company and thus get a promotion that will open even more the path to success.

And, once I finish my accounting degree, I intend to sit down for the CPA exam as I truly consider that will help me even more as a professional. In other words, my decision to go to college is directly related to the fact that I want to set myself as an example for my wife and kids, get smarter, and improve my professional chances in life by getting an accounting degree and a CPA certification.