Tjio Wie Tay

Tjio Wie Tay or later better known as Masagung is the founder of the Great Mountain Shop . (Born in Batavia , 8 September 1927 - died in Jakarta , 24 September 1990 at the age of 63 years) is the fourth of five children of Tjio Koan An Poppi and Tjoa Nio. His father was an electrical engineer graduate of Holland, while his grandfather a famous trader in the New Market area, Bogor.

Tjio Wie Tay became an orphan when he was four years old, since then their family's economic life became very difficult. Wie Tay grow as a bad boy who likes to fight. He also had a habit of "steal" textbooks older siblings to be sold in the market Monday to earn pocket money. Because of this mischief, he could not finish school, though it was sent up to Bogor and had entered at two different schools.

But precisely because of mischief, Wie Tay grow as a brave boy. He is not afraid to get acquainted with anyone, including the Japanese army when it started to go to Bantam . Even the Japanese army, he got a bike. Courage capital is then he brought into the business world, and no doubt, be one of the flagship weapon in the wheels business. After being expelled from Bogor uncle and had to return to Jakarta at the age of 13, Wie Tay found that the mother's economic situation has not improved too. There was no other way for him but to find the money themselves. Initially, he returned to the customs old brother stole textbooks for sale in order to get 50 cents. After a textbook stock runs out, he tried to be a "rubber man in the stage show" gymnastics and aerobatics, although his income was not how much.

Wie Tay then swerved into cigarette itinerant traders. This is where nature dare look back. He was desperate to meet Lie Tay San , a major tobacco merchant capital it.With 50 cents when he started a business selling cigarettes around the area Monday and Glodok.Here he began to diligently saving, because they feel how hard earn money. The results of her savings and then buy a table as selling points in Glodok area. Because it has not had its own stall, the table was left with a parts store in Glodok, until finally he was able to open a kiosk on Monday.

Being non itinerant traders eye opening Wie Tay teens that there are places other than the party of big tobacco Lie Tay San, namely in the Morning Market. Then, after opening the stall he started to buy cigarettes in the Morning Market. Subsequently, Wie Tay was also acquainted with the Kie Hoat, who worked on tobacco companies Perola, one of the best-selling cigarette brands at the time. The Kie Hoat then familiar with Wie Lie Tay Tay and San. One day, The Kie Hoat offered to find a relationship marketing.

Kie Hoat then negotiate with two friends earlier. When Lie Tay San still in doubt, Wie Tay is still very young in the business instead readily agreed. He sure can quickly be sold and bring huge profits. It was true, but unfortunately the Kie Hoat Perola eventually fired from the company because it violates the rules, selling cigarettes to an outside party who is not a distributor.

The three friends are then merged and established the joint venture in 1945 called Tay San Kongsie. This is where the beginning of a serious struggle Wie Tay in the business world. They are still selling cigarettes, but extends to agents beer cap Canary Bird. At the same time they also got serious business book. The assistance of a relative, they can sell books in the Netherlands are imported from outside. The books are sold they turned out to be a hard sell. They sell on the field Kramat Bunder, not far from the house Lie Tay San.After that they opened the store 3x3 square meters, and then expanded into a 6x9 square meters. Because the profits from book sales are very large, they then decided to stop selling cigarettes and concentrate only sell books and stationery.

Year 1948 , they agreed to establish their business in the form of firm, be firm Tay San Kongsie. Tay has the largest stock Lie San (40%), The Kie Hoat (27%) and Wie Tay (33%). Wie Tay appointed to lead this company. They then opened a store in the area Kwitang. When the Dutch were about to leave Indonesia, Wie Tay went to the house of the Dutch people and ask for their used books for sale at bargain prices.

Their bookstore is growing rapidly. Orders from outside Jakarta to arrive, not only books but also stencil paper, typewriter paper and ink.Seeing this development, there was an idea to build a business with people close to the book, among others, the journalist and author.A number of senior journalists join at that time, including a number of top-level merchants. No wonder if the books were published in the early establishment of literary writing books in the hands of the people. Establishment firm and transformed into NV.

When the inauguration NV Mount Agung, Wie Tay made a breakthrough with an exhibition of books on 8 September 1953 . With a capital of $ 500 thousand, they managed to show off about 10 thousand books. This date is then regarded as the birth of the Great Mountain Shop-which is also the birthday of Wie Tay own. An exhibition of books, seems to be a "trade mark" a form of promotion that made Mount Agung.

On May 13 1951 , Wie Tay Hian married Nio. After marriage, Wie Tay thought to develop into a major business. He proposed to his second to raise capital. However Lie Tay San objection, he decided to retire and remain with his shop on the ground Kramat Bunder (now Bookstore Kramat Round). While Wie Tay Tjio with The Kie Hoat build his own shop in Jln Kwitang No. 13, now a building Idayu and Walisongo Store. At that time, Kwitang still quiet. Never mind the book stall, the other shop was not there. Only when Wie Tay opening stores there, the crowd began to be created. Some carts book appeared. Since then Kwitang be crowded.

From Tjio Wie Tay I can learn: 1. Never give up in doing something 2. Although it failed in an attempt but never give up to open other business 3. Creative person 4. Not shy to start a business by selling at the roadside 5. Believe with the relatives 6. Serious in business 7. Diligent and persistent

Advantages become entrepreneur

1. Becoming More Time to Being entrepreneurial means is, you will have a flexible, not tied. Unlike the office hours that have set the standard hours of work each day. You also do not need to bother overtime at the office. This course will benefit you and your family.Time to gather together into a lot more, and more easily keep an eye on family members every day.

2. Personal Income Having your own business course will also generate its own income (not in Salary boss). The size of the income earned is a reflection of the hard work to promote a business that has done business owners and their employees. With memilikin unlimited income opportunities that make a freedom financially . Income earned can actually be greater than the salary of employees in an office that has been determined by the company / government.

3. Opening a New Employment Opportunities you can open up job opportunities for anyone. When the business began to grow rapidly, the more jobs you can create (Entrepreneur = jobs maker) NOT (Employee = jobs seeker ) In addition to being part of the effort that was involved, it can also create job opportunities for others (Read = Beneficial).

4. Being Increased knowledge and insight not only partners are increasing, knowledge and insights will continue to grow.For example, knowledge and insights about business development, and social ekeonomi. It can also be obtained from the partner / client that we often encounter.

5. Expanding Partner (Networking) Being entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet with many people. It's also helpful to add a partner. The more partners that will be very useful in the advancement of business continuity in the lead. Addition of these partners will be growing if the service / product that we provide to them is very satisfying.

6. Work according to interests (Hobby) This is the added value when choosing the appropriate wirausaha.Pekerjaan be asked and the pleasure we can do. For example have a hobby of designing clothes, from the hobbyist to the point where in the business sector then we will be able to work that we do in accordance with the hobby, Starting from a hobby then generate unlimited income.