My ideal holiday…. ^_^(350)words Holidays is a time for us to relax and release stress,every one like holidays. After a long time of busy working or studies, many people will decides to have an ideal holiday to relax,especialy for the people who stay in the city.

I have many different ways to decide how to arrange my holiday time. (53) First of all, I will like to spend my holiday times to went travel with my family to the other country that we haven’t been traveled before.I will prefer to travel to a country that has a nice and cold weather. The most importan things is, I will look for a country which that is safe and protective to me and my family. (63) Second, I will try to spend my holiday times inside the other cities in my country. I will try to choose some different places in Malaysia, such as Melaka,Pulau Langkawi,Pulau Tioman,Port Dikson,Cameron Highland and Genting Highland.

I will spend for 2 or 3 days in the place where I can visit the most attractive theme parks, beaches, museums and restaurants. (63) Thirdly, if I could not travel to the other places or other country, I will plan to spend my holiday by took part in some school activities or some social club camp. I got all this information by looking in the news papers, internet or by the school teachers about the different activities and events that held in the different places in my city and I’m be able to reach them easily.There are many types of activities,event and camp that we can took part in,such as ST. John 1 day camp,Badminton competition or school carnival. (100) Other than that,if my parent is not free to bring me out,I will also can spend my holiday time by going to the book store,to find some reference book,going to the library to borrow some english novel to read,went to the book fair to buy some work book or even went to a friend house to play badminton and computer games.

66) Lastly,I hope everyone will tried to think in this way to choose your holiday, Choosing your ideal holiday and it will be the most interesting moments in our life. This is because you will be spending your holiday time in something that is arranged and at the same time,it is interesting,fun and enjoyable. (55) (400)words