Hi my name is Mohamed Farhat. I was born on a warm, sunny day in October in London. I still live in London, and I go to school at St Georges.

I live with my mum my brother, Ali(twelve years of age) and my Sister Marwa(four years of age). When I was born, my Mother was eighteen years of age. Ali and marwa are sweet kids and they would do anything for me, but like all brothers and sisters we fight like cats and dogs. Sometimes when no one is around, Marwa will come up to me and bite my toes for no reason. I still love her but only because she is my sister.

My father is a nice, kind, and supportive man who wants us to get far in life.He's a mechanic, and he loves his job very much. He trys to convince me to grow up and be a mechanic I told him that I'll think about it. He always tells us that I want you all to go all the way and finish school. We all love my dad and we'll do anything for him exactly what he would do for us. I started school when I was three years old.

My First School was Carlton vale. My first day of school was very scary but I didn't have to worry because everyone was nice to me since I stepped through the door, I felt that I have been in the school for a long time.I won some certificates for attendance, hard work and behaviour. Then I attended Kilburn Park School at the age of seven, and there I also won a couple of certificates, one for perfect attendance and two for being named Student of the Year one in year four and the other in year six. If I don't get what I want at home, School is my comfort in a difficult time.

School is my joy. The teachers give me all the support, and encouragement I need. I like all my teachers because they give me hope and see something bright in me.I go to school everyday and hardly miss a day. I can never understand why some people would rather stay at home.

I admire all my teachers because they believe in me and want me to leave school with a good marks. They tell me I'am somebody and can be anything if I try hard enough and study. At home, I work hard and study hard to get the best marks when I leave school, and also to see my teachers smile and say well done. Books increase my word knowledge and writing skills. My imagination work overtime and my dreams are full of the things I have read.

My dream is leaving school with excellent marks, having a good job and lots of money, Also having a nice little family. Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I do I have my days of. That means I do have some sad days or depressed days. I have a few freinds here that sort of look out for me and when I am having a bad day, I have someone here at school to talk to. I make my school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what I will do when I get home or on the weekend.

Here God have gave me a nice life with four gifts not being disabled, being able to go to school and get educated, having nice parents, sisters and brothers and having friends. When I received my first SATS test in year six with good marks I thought that was another gift from God. Sometimes I ask God about why are some students so far behind than other students. I know that through God all things are possible. I can be standing in front of a great and mighty person.

They can grow up to be doctors, teachers, or lawyers. I don't what path God has chosen for them.All I know is where I come from and what God has done for me. I started planting seeds of knowledge into my head when I got in year eight for the year nine SATS that was coming up.

I made it through year eight with good marks, at the end of the year I was proud of myself so was my teachers. I knew I must still continue pushing myself even more so that I can come out of year nine with good results. When it was coming closer to the exams I started to feel very nervous. I told myself I must stay focused and to stop all this nonsence.When it was all over I was so glad.

I knew when I got out of that exam hall I had good marks. I listned to teachers, friends, and family ask me how did you do it. I told them how I used to study and what I used to do, to get these marks. Days are stressful at times but I have to learn to get along with them. I'am blessed to be alive, to be a nice and intelegent student with a nice family. When I was in year four a teacher called Miss Dunn used to tell me that God is good at all times especially when someone is struggling with something and needs help.

My weekends are spent practising football in the park with my friends. We also go out and have some fun e. g going to the cinema, bowling etc. When we can't think of doing anything to do we would just get on the bus stay on it until it gets to its station.

You might think thats boring but travelling around London isn't a bad thing. Throughout my years in primary school I was one of the best footballers in the school my teacher would tell me you can grow up and be a very talented player. When I hear that I would get so happy and go tell my friends what the teacher has told me.When I grow up one of my dreams is to be a professional footballer but I have to wait and see my destiny. My father always tells me you going to be a footballer but he says that to get me happy.

As I said in the beginning, I was born here in London and I've lived here my whole life. I would like to see more of Europe when I grow up. I hope you have enjoyed reading my life story as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Teachers tell me try to get as much as you can out of school you're only there for twelve and when you graduate, you're home free. If you think about it, it can be done.