A. Background of the study

Nowadays people are focusing in herbal plants especially those who are common in the environment. Base on research this plant is good for healing and treating wounds and other skin infection. So in my research I want to make a bathing soap out of it, cause I know that it is effective. People, researchers, scientist were focusing to medicinal plants. They want to prove that there are plants that are more effective against diseases especially in skin. This study refers to a plant that can be made into a bathing soap and improves its quality while using this plants (guava leaves). Boiling takes much time.

This study is about producing soap using guava leaves extract. We use this topic to show the useful means of guava and to produce alternative way of treating acnes in cheaper way. And also to produce alternative medicines using herbal plants instead of chemicals the main source of this procedure is guava leaves and sodium hydroxide and lavender scent.

B. Objectives

Related alternative medicine supplements and vitamins also explore information on Guava Extract Soap Objective treatment, health benefits & side effects with Guava Extract Soap Objective products. Uses of this guava leaves extract soap may vary, but may include Eliminating Body Odor, Cleansing Skin, and Moisturizing Skin and are non-FDA reviewed or approved, natural alternatives, to use for Body Odor, and Rough Skin. Guava Extract Soap Objective products are reviewed below. The problem of every people of our age is the pimples or acnes.

C. Significance of the Study

You can make a bathing soap with guava leaves extract as treatment for acne. This plant is very common to our environment, and aside of its ability; it easy to cultivate. It contains many components for healing skin disorders.

The significance of this study is the way of promoting verbal medicines instead of using medicines made out of chemical. This study is the way of promoting verbal medicines instead of using medicines made out of chemicals. This study will benefit every person who has acne problems. This product is a Filipino made soap, it could contribute in our economy because the target consumers doesn’t need to buy products that were made abroad, And if this product is proven effective a lot of Filipino’s with skin problem will surely buy this product and it could help in the growth of our economy.