Singer, actress. Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992, in Dallas, Texas. Lovato's mother, Dianna Lovato, was a former country music recording artist and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Lovato is the middle child of three sisters. Her older sister, Dallas, is also a singer and actress, and her younger sister, Madison, was born in 2002.

Demi grew up in Dallas, Texas. She has two sisters and she currently lives in Los Angeles. Demi started performing at a young age she was seven years old. At this stage demi would be growing steadily and her head will be 90% of adult size, even though she still had a lot of growing up to do.

However, her abilities would continue to grow into a more advanced or effective stage. By the age of 6/7 Demi would have been able to ride her bike and start skipping but instead she started performing. She played the piano and the guitar, and she is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Demi Lovato believed she was born with an eating disorder at this stage of her life she should be having fun but instead she felt depressed at a very young stage in her life she did not go to school and just locked herself away from everyone and kept everything to herself this led to her harming herself.She found it difficult to concentrate in school and join activities. Furthermore she was checked into rehab to receive treatment in self-harm and bulimia.

She went through a difficult faze growing up as a child from a very young age. Demi also revealed she started self-harming when she was 12 years old and admits to getting into a difficult situation with drugs and alcohol. At this stage of an individual, they start to hit puberty and they need their family and friends around to help them get through this stage in life however as life tends to go on they will start to get used to the idea.When Demi was a teenager she was bullied she could not handle the pain that she was going through daily so she needed a distraction that’s when she started her singing career. Later on in life when she was 18 Demi split up with former boyfriend JoeJonas she felt neglected, fat and people used to call her names. Her world came crushing down on her once again, she got to a breaking point and wanted to harm herself but in the end her fans gave her confidence they always made her feel better about herself.

Demi never wanted anybody to go through the pain she went through.She is a role model to her fans and her little sister. The only thing that kept her going was her music, she became more confident when she was did a role play in camp rock. Infancy 0-3years Physical development- at birth Demi would have been unable to control her body movements. Her nervous system is not fully developed.

During the first few months of Demi’s life she would have been able to see objects clearly. Around four months Demi would have been able to sit with support from her mother, hold her head up for a short period of time, and can troll from the side to her stomach.By 5 months Demi was able to roll over fully with no help. Around 6 months her vision is more fully developed. Intellectual development- at this stage Demi is more talkative and she begins to say a few words such as ‘mama’.

She coo’s and gurgles and she is able to explore her hands and feet. Demi can now spot moving objects with her eyes. She explores things with her mouth. Demi is able to cry in different ways to show what she is feeling. For example hunger, anger and pain. Demi forgets about objects she cannot see.

Social and Emotional Development- Demi is now able to develop her parents trust and meeting their needs and wants such as changing diapers being fed when she is hungry and being comforted when she is sad. When Demi gets frightened she cries and look afraid, this is to show how Demi is feeling anger, pain and hunger. This is to show how Demi is communicating she also gets very sensitive and without difficulty gets excited or upset. Demi is able to feel secure when her parents give her a hug and comfort her. Demi is able to smile undoubtedly at about six weeks as she is able to recognise faces.At four months she is able to smile, laugh and she can recognise the faces and voices of her parents.

Childhood 4-10 Physical development- Demi’s appearance begins to change as she grows older. She loser her baby shape and has the shape to look like a small adult. Demi’s growth begins to slow down during her childhood. Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development is all taking place; however Demi is now learning some very difficult skills. As Demi grows she develops and her balance becomes very excellent. This means she can run, climb and jump.

Intellectual development-Her development of the brain is all part of being a child. Demi is now interested in everything. She begins to mix her different skills to complete a full task. For example playing a game of tennis requires Demi to understand the rules(intellectual development), to be able to throw the ball in the correct direction(physical development) and she can talk to her team mates about the approach to follow. Additionally she needs to be able to cope with negatives and positives of the outcome of the game (emotional development). Demi learn thing by watching others around her.

On the other hand when getting older she may learn from unnecessary behaviour which can lead to a few issues. Social and Emotional development- Demi has to cope with her own feelings and also the feeling of others which means she has to learn a new skill such as having table manners. Demi can cope with her emotions through playing with other children. Demi may cause a lot of tantrums.

Although getting older mean they became less numerous. By the time Demi is 5 years of age she possibly wants to play with other children. When Demi reaches this age she is able to play together and join in team games.At the age of 10 Demi will begin to cope with her feelings.

She will have discovered numerous feelings such as anger, jealousy and ways of coping with it. Demi will be sensitive and may not react very well to being told off especially in front of her peers. Adolescence 10-20 Physical development- demi would start to develop some changes at this time of her childhood. The sudden changes that Demi is going through will make her feel very self-conscious, sensitive, and worried about her body image.

She may start to make painful comparisons with her friends.She may also go through some awkward stages, both about appearance and physical coordination. Demi may feel anxious if she is not ready for her menstrual periods. Intellectual development- Demi is able to imagine and think about things she has never seen or done before; she can imagine her future and how she might achieve things in the future and. She can start to solve problems on her own and her arguing skills starts to improve. She scan start to figure things out and understand what the meaning of life is.

Emotional and social development- With so many changes taking place Demi’s brain and body she is often on an emotional roller coaster.Happy one minute, totally despondent the next, moody and tired, taking risks and challenging authority, suddenly wise beyond their years, demi is seeking to find out whom she actually is. At the end of this turbulent experience for both demi and her parents, parents become people in their child's eye and the adolescent becomes a young adult. The most important stage of a teenager’s life is to find out who she is and try to sort it all out.

She needs to decide if she will continue to stay with her parents or move out, she is trying to figure out where they fit in the world.