Homework-one of my worst nightmares. Honestly, I don’t think I’m the only student who thinks so.

Memories of my iPSLE training and the amount of homework we used to get everyday still haunts me so I disagree with the fact that students should be assigned compulsory work attachment during school holidays. I guess teachers think that homework should be given during the holidays because it reinforces a skill that students will need once school resumes and that if a student does not engage in daily practice of a skill, they often forget it and have to learn it all over again.Most teachers also agree that homework promotes discipline and good study habits and therefore should be a part of one's daily routine. But let’s look at it this way, family time should be valued, kids do enough homework during school days and holidays should be saved for family time. It's a time for students to relax and give their creativity a chance as too much homework overwhelms both the student and the family.

Like I said earlier, teachers think that homework promotes good study habits but thirty pages of math equations will just stop their brains from functioning! I think that if it is necessary for teachers to assign homework, the work should be practical and interactive so that the child should enjoy doing it. Let’s say-taking public opinion on various issues, reading an interesting novel for literature or writing a report on your holiday destination-such homework will improve our interactive, reading and writing skills and will be fun at the same time. All work and no play’ is already a policy that students are saddled with during normal school days, so why during the holidays as well? It is like the Sword of Damocles hanging over us throughout the whole holiday. Hence, according to me, students should not be assigned compulsory work attachment during school holidays.