What is the author’s main idea?

Interestingly enough, the author’s main idea is to enhance the readers understanding of Jock culture and to inform the readers that there are people in this world that are driven to believe that jocks and pukes are completely different men. Also there are some people who don’t want anything to do with all the chaos.

Provide three (3) examples of where the author supports the thesis.

1) Provide example in form of a direct quote

“In the spring of that hard year, 1968, The Columbia University crew coach, Bill Stowe, explained to me that there were only two kinds of men on campus, perhaps in the world – Jocks and Pukes. He explained that Jocks, such as his rowers, were brave, manly, ambitious, focused, patriotic, and goal-driven, while Pukes were woolly, distractible, girlish and handicapped by their lack of certainty that nothing mattered as much as winning. Pukes could be found among “the cruddy weirdo slobs” such as hippies, pot smokers, protestors and, yes, former English majors like me.”

Why did you select this example? Explain. Be specific.

I chose this example because it one hundred percent backs up the main idea and also gives the reader specific details of someone who believes that Jocks and Pukes are completely different people. I actually got something from that statement because it explained exactly why Jocks and Pukes are so different from each other.

2) Provide example in form of a partial quote

Robert believes that Bill Stowe was a “dumb jock” which in this case does not mean stupid; it means ignorant, narrow, misguided by the values of Jock Culture. With that being said, that makes Robert believe that Bill Stowe’s statement about Jocks and Pukes is invalid. Basically what Robert is trying to say is you must be well educated in the specific field you believe in before you make assumptions.

Why did you select this example? Explain. Be specific.

I selected this example because well for one, it’s a great partial quote and it shows emotion. It lets me know how the author is feeling. Also, it gives me real information that can be useful in another assignment that is relevant to this one. It gives me an understanding of how people may react upon this certain issue.

3) Provide example in form of paraphrase

In Texas they’re building a football stadium that approximately cost’s $60 million dollars. But get this; it’s only for those who play sports. That money could go towards something more important with children that aren’t given nice things. People shouldn’t look up to those big league men; they didn’t save someone’s life. Some people in this world are living with complete ignorance, but most people are able to look beyond those ignorant people and worry about bigger issues.

Why did you select this example? Explain. Be specific.

I chose this example because it makes me realize that there are bigger problems that should have more attention than looking up to those “big league men.” I’ve realized that it makes this whole argument totally irrelevant and dumb. People shouldn’t even be arguing over this. People are people, we are no different from each other.

What part of this reading would you like to see expanded upon or clarified? Be specific.

When Bill Stowe talks about using that money for all the other kids, instead of using it on just the jocks, I still had many questions. I wanted to know what exactly they could use that money for, and how it will affect all those other children in a positive way. I wanted to know if this controversy was coming to an end or if its still going on today.

What part of this reading do you consider to be unnecessary? Explain. Be specific.

In all honesty I thought this whole article was unnecessary because this argument is completely dumb, and secondly there a bigger issues in this world that we as people should be aware of.