Marking the last day of the year, New Year’s Eve is one of the largest celebrations around the world. It is a holiday to welcome a brand new year with your friends and families, a time to distress and unwind your mind.

Since New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, it is never too early to start planning for the 2014 New Year Countdown. There are endless choices and if you are unsure of what to do on New Year’s Eve, here are some ideas to get you going.The biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Singapore takes place in Marina Bay Area. In celebration of 50 Years of TV, the most anticipated countdown will be held once again on “The Float at Marina Bay”. (Celebrate TV 50, 2013) There will be a series of intense and dynamic concert performance on the floating platform stage featuring international and local artists.

This year, Taiwanese singer, Wang Lee Hom and UK’s boy band, The Wanted are also confirmed in the lineup. When midnight arrives, spectacular displays of firework will create a beautiful scene of the Singapore skyline. The celebration will then continue beyond midnight with a unique dance party on the Float. This allow you to bask in the excitement and festive atmosphere.Last year, approximately a quarter of a million people attended the countdown at Marina Bay.

Therefore, if you prefer a more modest celebration away from the chaotic crowd, you can consider going on a Charter yacht. “Being on a boat brings you much closer to your friends and family, because you have shared a magical experience enhanced by being free on the water together.” (Why Charter a Yacht, n.d.

) According to Singapore Yacht Charter, it is the ideal place to spend the last few moments of 2013 catching up with your good old friends or family. Meanwhile, you can even enjoy the fresh air and cooling sea breeze. Other than that, most of the luxury yachts are often equipped with their own BBQ facilities.For larger gatherings, you can either make use the yacht’s galley or set up a portable BBQ on the swimming platform.

(Pickering, 2012) Most importantly, celebrating New Year’s Eve on a yacht will allow you to have the best view of the magnificent fireworks display at Marina Bay. Furthermore, Singapore Yacht Charter has a variety of New Year’s Eve promotional packages for you to choose from. However, it may be very difficult to charter a yacht during the New Year’s Eve period. Singapore has only a few thousands yacht. Therefore, it is advisable to make reservations several weeks in advance.Finally, let me share with you a quote from one of the greatest writer, Jane Austen.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” (Austen, n.d.) It is a fantastic opportunity for families to bond with their loved ones by spending New Year’s Eve at home. You can avoid the crowd and even watch the live broadcast from the local TV channel while snuggling warmly on a sofa together.

For parents with young children, celebrating New Year’s Eve at home is the perfect idea. It provides a safe environment for them and parents do not have to worry about losing sight of their children in a crowd. Moreover, it allows children to sleep earlier if they are too young to stay up until midnight. Lastly, making a New Year’s resolution together is the simplest and most memorable thing.

You can try to get everyone to sit in a circle and announce their resolutions. Getting them to make posters or collages that represent the resolutions will also serve as motivation for sticking to them. (Frost, n.d.)New Year’s Eve is a day where people gather and wish each other a prosperous coming year.

For some, this event only represents a change of a calendar. However, for many other people, it signifies the beginning of a better tomorrow. Once again, be it a small, intimate gathering or large celebration, what matters the most is that you have an unforgettable day with your friends and family. I hope my suggestions are useful to you and that you will have a memorable day.

Last but not least, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and let us celebrate and embrace each New Year with new possibilities and hope.