The American Revolution was a major change in our history. Many things have happened to show this major change in our history such as, The Boston Massacre, The Tax Act, Boston Tea Part, and The Battle at Saratoga. These are just some of the things that happened during the American Revolution.

The American Revolution was mostly a radical change because of the extreme changes in political, social, and economical areas. Socially, the American Revolution changed radically because of the abolition of slavery, the women, and the men coming together.The first document was written in 1961 it shows a map with dates on the states to tell you when slavery ended. It finally all ended in 1865 in the south. The northern states ended earlier and were the first to end in 1777.

The second document was written in 1776 it is a letter written to John Adams from his wife Abigail Adams. It’s a letter to him telling him the unfairness the women have. It also states the fact that women want and deserve more freedom than they have at the moment.The letter also explains how the women are going to start fighting for their rights if they don’t get them soon. The last document was written in 1797 it is a picture of men playing billiards, it is the rich and poor men playing together.

It symbolizes that it doesn’t matter what your rank or status is and that everyone can play together and it won’t matter. After reading these documents you can see why the revolution was such a radical change in American history.