Heroes are special, smart, and work hard in their life to become unique.

They are smart by not doing an easy task with extra ordinary brain power. They regarded as hard working by doing the best to achieve their goals. People become heroes in three ways: being special, being smart, and being a hard working. Everyone wants to become a hero at certain point our lifetime.

However, we end up losing our self belief and fail to articulate that heroes set goals and persist to achieve them. According to Woolf & Evans (2009), becoming a hero is fueled by an individual's deep belief that one can learn from their mistakes, change, and grow. Hard work gives a person the opportunity to figure out creative ways to nurture their development. Woolf & Evans (2009) indicated that the hard work mindset enables one to constantly lookout for opportunities to promote their way of being a hero. This is usually guided by being special, smart in all dimensions in our life and hard working. Through being smart, heroes are the most effective leaders who know that the biggest growth opportunities usually come at times of failure.

Becoming a hero through being smart brings the perfect lessons that come after positive development. Woolf & Evans (2009) says that it initiates a character trait and therefore it should be seen as a path to mastery. Heroes have a smart mindset which brings about huge benefits. Having a smart mindset helps heroes to convey messages that being a hero takes practice and that setback are part of the journey to becoming a hero, not proof of inherent flaws.

Woolf & Evans (2009) says that being smart helps one to become a hero because those individuals set goals which they drive to become heroes. Hayden (2010) says that individuals should develop heroic qualities. This begins becoming a hero starts with one putting themselves in situations that evoke their higher self rather than lower. There is a need to be inspired to become a hero.

This means that one has to have a mission in life and a vision for a better world. Hayden (2010) indicated that having the mindset of being smart will assist one to become a hero because it has a strong intuition and sudden realization coupled with divine transmission of becoming a hero. Many heroes in the making find precise structures like consideraion, prayer, journaling, or imaginative efforts helpful to open up their listening. This implies that what an individual is listening to is fundamental to his or her journey to becoming a hero (Hayden, 2010). This is because of his or her call to greatness a suggestion, request, or even demand that you step into a role larger than you have ever had before.

In addition, Hayden (2010) indicated that to become a hero requires that an individual takes the initiation. One must act in his or her heightened awareness. This also means that for one to become a hero he or she should move into action and get past the initial refusal of the call that every hero experiences. Being special as one of the ways of becoming a hero requires that an individual eliminates negativity, fear, and self doubt. This aspect of oneself tries to prevent one from fulfilling his or her heroic destiny. Unless we become special we may continue to co-exist with the positive qualities that make it possible for you to become a hero.

In his article, Hayden (2010), says that it is entirely impossible for us to get this far in the hero's journey without yet having made a commitment to our mission. Being special in this context assists one to be sure of the authenticities of becoming a hero, confidence in our abilities. Being surrounded by unfavorable conditions can deter one from becoming a hero. Eventually, without commitment, one's mission to become a hero will ultimately fail. At this point one must declare him or herself a hero. One of the most important characteristics of a hero is to keep going regardless of opposition, calamity, and the small, amusing details of everyday life.

It's just as hard to be a hero while taking out the trash. This means that one has to remain on the heroic path, stay vigilant, and develop perseverance. The steps required for one to become a hero are to create and stick to a specific cause or goal which should be stated positively and simply. To become a hero one must persevere. This means that an individual must just keep going no matter what happens in his or her life.

Hayden (2010) indicated that it is important to put down goal or cause and pass on to it in written form each time. As a result this should help an individual center of attention and keep him or her motivated. Being special is fundamental becausee even in times when all seems discouraging, when one may be in hesitation his or her common sense at taking up such a huge test. The bottom line is that hero just has to persist through all the self disbelief within and all the downbeat of being slung. The ambitious hero should be driven by high energy.

Weeraratne (2007) indicated that working hard and being quite aggressive is an essential ingredient of a hero. A hero has to be intelligent, fast learner and not easy to jump into opportunities. This is at some times accompanied by impatience because a hero may not understand why others do not see any situation as they see them. Weeraratne (2007) further says that "in order to become a hero, one must be careful to avoid being impatient or he or she will stand to lose too many opportunities because of this negative trait" (p. 160). Hard work facilitates the essence of becoming patient hence the journey of becoming a hero.

Weeraratne (2007) noted that to actualize what an individual wants, the hero must believe in his or her cause with such unwavering faith that success becomes the only option. For a hero failure must become obsolete when we are this certain in our abilities that we will not and cannot be stopped. Weeraratne (2007) says that "resiliency and fortitude will be delivered to an individual of his or her will of being a hero is unbreakable" (p. 162).Through being smart one can become a hero which comes after training our mind to become confidence. Weeraratne (2007) says that by continuous, positive reinforcement, the hero often trains himself or herself to settle for nothing short of excellence.

Heroes add fuel to fire that is already burning inside him or her through psychological training. As a result they create deeper emotions by increasing their desires. In conclusion, to become a hero we must remember the importance of not being able to change what has already transpired. Weeraratne (2007) concluded that heroes must be able to learn from any experience either good or bad a characteristic that makes them special and smart. This should not stop at that because heroes should cast off shame, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy.

Hard work should accompany all aspects of becoming a hero because one's efforts should be reflected in his or her outcomes before the world can crown him or her as a hero.