How a Dog’s Organism Evolves and Becomes Suited to Its Environment? Although there are many types of organisms that could have been chosen [The passive voice is a form of "be" (have been) and a participle (chosen).

Over-use of the passive voice can make paragraphs officious and tedious to read. Try to use the active voice most often; for example, passive voice The paper was completed on time.for this assignment, such as snakes, starfish, frogs, plants, cats, and many others, but dogs were chosen  for this assignment. Even as time has passed, dogs are still evolving and are still suitable to their environment.In a dog, it has individual cells that are Suggestion: see if the sentence can be rewritten to remove "that are" grouped into tissues, which then are grouped [Passive voice ] into organs, which all work in the organ system.

All of these put together making up a dog’s body that at level of the hierarchy act together [Cliché: "get the act together" is an over-used phrase that marks you as unoriginal. Use another description] to perform the functions of life, such as regulating the dog’s internal environment. All of these parts allow the dog’s organs to still evolve and become suited to its environment today. As humans breathe, eat, urinate, sweat, and radiate heat, dogs do the same because that is [Wordiness: see if you can remove "that" or "that is" the only way known to survive.A dog’s size and shape affects how it exchanges energy and materials with its surrounding environment.

When a human baby is born, it is born with five senses which Use "that" for a restrictive phrase (or place a comma before "which") will guide him or her with what to do, but still that does not make their body fully developed yet because he or she will not be mature enough at a new birth’s stage. As a baby grows and then begins to learn and cope to their new surroundings and environment. The same thing happens with dogs, at the beginning they start out as baby puppies without having Clearer writing suggestion--"having" as a transitive verb is vague. Reconsider the sentence using "possessing," "acquiring," "developing," etc. Often "having" can simply be deleted]any sense of direction, and then they grow into adult dogs.

At a more of a mature stage, with [Remove comma before "with" (unless beginning or ending a parenthetical phrase) a good sense of direction, dogs tend to learn how to feel their way through life just like humans.Overtime and even in today’s environment, dogs have been very useful to humans. They have been trained Passive voice  to watch dogs, sheep dogs, for racing, fashion shows, as house pets, and have also been known to be a man’s best friend. Although time has passed, dogs still seem to be very useful in today’s environment.

Dogs grow to become very wise and immune to nature real Clearer writing suggestion--"real" or "really" means "existing in actuality"--it adds little to the meaning (and using it to mean "big," "very," or "genuine" is slang); replace it with a more expressive word] quick. Although dogs may not communicate the way humans do, they still have their own way of communicating and letting one know what their wants or needs are. A dog’s nature is very similar to human nature. If a person is not familiar with another person, then [consider removing "then" they Check pronoun agreement--if "they" refers to "person" (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (he or she) and perhaps require adjusting the following verb] are liable not to communicate or feel comfortable around the other person.

The same works with dogs.If a dog is unfamiliar with something or someone, they either going to bark to try to scare the person off, which protects themselves Check pronoun agreement--if "themselves" refers to "person" (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (him or herself)] in a sense, or they [he or she] will automatically go the opposite direction and walk off. If a dog is familiar, it will be known because it will be trying to jump on the person or lick the person to try playing with them Check pronoun agreement--if "them" refers to "person" (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (him or her). Dogs can be very playful at times once they are familiar with their surroundings.

The same way humans like to adjust and familiarize themselves with their surroundings in their environment, dogs have to adjust and do the same.Dogs are very active creatures that respond rapidly to stimuli from their environment. They have a nervous system just like humans do. The basic unit of nervous tissue is the neuron, or the nerve cell. With their long extensions, neurons can transmit electrical signals very rapidly over long distances. [Move the period to follow the citation] (Simon, Reece, and [Use the ampersand (&) in a citation] Dickey, 2010)Dogs also have a way of adapting and evolving nature.

During the cold weather, just like with humans, hormonal changes tend to boost the metabolic rate of dogs which Use "that" for a restrictive phrase (or place a comma before "which")] increases their heat production. To get Doctoral rule (although good advice for any academic writer)--instead of using "get," which can mean many things, more formal is to use forms of "receive," "obtain," "arrive at," "can," "could," "grow," "able to," etc. warm, most dogs find shelter under a tree, log, porch, or just any place that will make them feel Clearer writing suggestion: if "feel" is used in the sense of "to believe or think," it is a cliché and vague; use "believe" or "think"secured and warmer that Check spelling: "that" is a function word that introduces a phrase; "than" is used in comparisons what they were.During cold weather and a dog is Run-on sentence: place comma before "and" if it links main clauses found moving around continuously Check spelling: "Continuous" means continuing unceasingly, constantly, all day and night; "continual" means frequent but not uninterrupted continuance] or is shivering, more than likely the dog is cold and [run-on sentence: requires a comma before "and" (or other conjunction) linking main clauses] is trying to warm up. Shivering and moving around from a dog causes the dog to produce heat for them as a metabolic by-product of the contraction of skeletal muscles.In conclusion, all organisms, including dogs, have the ability to Express "have the ability to" as simply "can" or "could"respond to its environment.

Some of the responses prevent changes in the outside world from adversely affecting the internal makeup of the organism. Dogs have learned to evolve and adjust to change in their environmental conditions and even in how they regulate temperature and control of the movement of water and solutes. One of a dog’s main and important functions, just like humans, is to maintain its integrity even as society changes over a period of time Redundancy: unless meaning the punctuation mark, "period" means a length of time, so "time" is unnecessary . Though changes may continue to occur, there are still, generally moderated to stay within some range that is Wordiness: see if you can remove "that" or "that is" tolerable for living cells.