Unlike the US that has been able to keep up-to-date records about the number of golfers, as well as the number of golf courses, Malaysia was not able to do that effectively in the past. In 2003, the number of golf courses in Malaysia was about 204. This number has increased steadily.

It is estimated that the number of golf courses in Malaysia is about 250 now. In addition, there is substantial evidence supporting the fact that the number of golfers visiting Malaysia is increasing. Golf is a sport that is developing extremely fast in Malaysia; golf tourism has occasioned the development of various golfing activities in Malaysia, as well as in its neighboring countries. In spite of the increasing number of foreign golfers in Malaysia, the number of local golfers is increasing as well. The main aim of this research will be to find out how golfers can be informed about the status of their safety while playing. There are various effects that such information will have on enhancing the security and well-being of golfers.

As seen above, various researches that have been conducted state that the number of golfers in Malaysia is more than 300,000. Other people on the golf course such as workers and caddies increase this number by more than two times. However, as everyone is well aware, golfers in most cases are the most active people on the golf courses. In addition, their safety and the safety of others on the golf course depends directly on them.

When golfers are well-informed about taking care of thmselves and others, this will be a giant stride in the direction of reducing the number of accidents on the golf course. This would be instrumental in enhancing the safety of all the parties involved to go in line with the vision of the DOSH. For this reason, it would be crucial to research as well as find out the best way of raising awareness about safety among Malaysian golfers.Various accidents have occurred on Malaysian golf courses. These accidents are diverse and they are caused by different reasons.

In addition, there are potential risks and other latent risky situations that golfers face. One of the most dangerous accidents that may take place on the golf course includes a golfer or a caddie being hit by a club or a ball. In most cases, accidents in which someone is hit by a ball or a golf club can lead to fatality. Although such cases of fatality on Malaysian golf courses have not been common, scores have been seriously injured. This creates a need to raise awareness among golfers about how to avoid or deal with such occurrences in the future.

There has not been a centralized method of recording and storing data on various occurrences of accidents on various golf courses in Malaysia. One of the cases, for example, was lightning that occurred and caused disturbances to golfers. Malaysia is a country with the highest rate of lightning incidents in the world; it records about 170 strikes per day on average. Consequently, there are incidents in which golfers have been killed by lightning while playing (Golf in Malaysia,, 2010). A vivid example of fatalities that have been brought about by lightning may include a case when a top golfer died because of being struck by lightning in one club in Singapore.

This occurred in the year 2009 and changed the attitude of many golfers. Presently, golfers are exceedingly careful and are sometimes reluctant to play, especially after a thunderstorm. However, as it has been mentioned above, there has not been yet a centralized way of recording the number of times when lightning strikes have prevented the game or caused fatalities. Some other common accidents that take place on Malaysian golf courses are caused by animal attacks (French-Blake, Clarke & Nelson, 1995). Recently, in the tourist town of Malacca, a golfer has been attacked and seriously wounded by a crocodile.

This has raised concerns over animals that should be kept in the water hazards of the golf course. Furthermore, a golfer has been nearly attacked by a python in the town of Kuala Lumpur while trying to retrieve a ball. There is a need to raise awareness among both local and foreign golfers to ensure that their well- being is not at stake.In addition to these major incidents, there are thousands of other incidents that are considered minor; some of them go unreported or unrecorded, despite the fact that they greatly affect golfers. Such incidents that are considered minor include scratches that golfers may get from various branches of trees; buggy accidents that occur as well as other instances when golfers slide and fall into the water hazards.