The cheerios ad above is the most basic and easily understandable advertisement regarding a product whose main message is it benefits your health.

The ad is very simple so the use of rhetoric can be easily seen and observed for analysis. This advertisement is found on many cheerios cereal boxes and because of the message of lowering cholesterol we can conclude that the intended audience is an older person with high unhealthy cholesterol levels.The ad is a brightly colored as with high contrast images including, the cheerios brand name, and the description of the cereal being; Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal, the “You can lower your cholesterol 4% in six weeks “message, and a bowl of cereal in the shape of a heart in the background. You can make out the smiling faces of what looks like a father and his son. By using these images the cheerios company is able to use logos, ethos, and pathos to make the argument that their cereal improves your health by lowering your cholesterol and indirectly states that someone who is in better health is happier.

The logos appeal is one that is easily found and can almost be said as common sense. The message saying “you can lower your cholesterol 4% in six weeks” is a great example of syllogism. Since the intended target audience knows that high can eventually cause cardiovascular and heart disease, which is the leading cause of death, then a cereal that promises to lower these fatal levels then they can conclude that if they buy and eat the cereal then their cholesterol levels will decrease.The ethos appeal deals with whether or not Cheerios Company is worthy of our attention and because of the professionalism of the advertisement that is as clear and concise they having the money to do proper research and have trustworthy source. If this advertisement did not look profession then I would not want it but since it does I have an inclination to buy it and I am not even part of the target audience. Lastly the pathetic appeal deals with the audience emotions.

The most generic example of this is the color choosing of the ad. Yellow is very happy and bright color that has proven to make eople feel happier. Accompanying the bright yellow color is the heart shaped bowl that is used to promote feelings that are commonly associated with the heart; love, compassion, happiness. Both of these parts of the advertisement is important in making a persuasive advertisement but it is the picture of what looks to be a father and son in the background that provides the greatest pathetic appeal. In conclusion, because of the good example of rhetoric appeal the advertisement are so clearly stated and along with the bright colors and pathetic appeal the advertisement is reaching their target audience.