There are many different perspectives on love found in "Romeo and Juliet". These can easily be distinguished between characters. Each main character has a different view on love if some of them similar; some have different perspectives in different parts of the play.

The nurse has her own perspective on love. Her view appears to be the one of marrying to gain a well respected name. Paris appears to be a well respected bachelor in Verona, "a man of wax" as the nurse names him, and Juliet has 'caught his eye'.When the nurse discovers this she highly recommends this as it will give Juliet a 'foot' in the social ladder as well as a comfortable lifestyle. Although when the nurse is giving this approval she is often distasteful and insensitive and she uses inappropriate stories about Juliet's youth.

The nurse though is not as forceful on the idea as Lady Capulet, as the nurse appears to have Juliet's best interests at heart. Lady Capulet however does not seem to care much for Juliet's interests.Lady Capulet seems to have a very set approach to marriage and appears to be forcing the marriage upon Juliet. She almost look as if she is arranging the marriage to Paris as it would be a very beneficial marriage for the family and Juliet as far as a comfortable lifestyle is concerned.

One of these reasons is that Paris is a kinsman to the Prince. If Juliet were to marry Paris it would mean the Capulets were kinsmen to the Prince as well.Paris also seems to have the same views on marriage as Lady Capulet and almost 'sells' the benefits to Capulet himself in scene two. Capulets view on marriage is different to the views portrayed above.

He does not let Paris marry his daughter as he believes she is too young and is "a stranger in the world" possibly implying she does not know love. Capulet appears to care very much for his daughter's interests. In act one we do not see Juliet's perspectives on love yet in great detail apart from the conversation with her mother and Nurse.In this Juliet appears to have a very mature and sincere approach to marriage and knows it is not for her at this time in her life "it is an honour that I dream not of". Romeo's first view of love appears to be a very childish one. He seems to 'love' Rosaline and it appears he has done for quite a long time even though it is unrequited.

Romeo stays up all night wondering and then when Benvolio is sent by Montague to find out what is the matter with Romeo and he 'spills' his heart out in a very immature fashion showing the reader his affections are not true.Romeo's second view of marriage however, seems to be different. It has nothing to do with lust or materialistic reasons. It appears to be love at first sight and Juliet has the same feelings "my only love sprung from my only hate! " Because of Juliet's returned feelings Romeo cannot want her more because of the returned feelings. Although because of the family feuds this may be a reason.