From the beginning of the start, I do not like to study chemistry and it since secondary school until I take the environmental science in college this is due to there a lot of chemical name need to remember. However, I change my mind when I having class to environmental science, I found that it actually quite interesting and almost all the information of this subject are link to our living life. After I have taken this subject I do understand or contribute to the environmental compared with previously. Besides, everyone should think before they do anything that hurt the environment considerably evens a little action.

Therefore, I did carpool when I have the same destination with my friends or family. This is because, all the transport we use such as motorcycles, cars, buses, and so on will release the greenhouse gases (nitrous oxide) that can lead to global warming. Besides, carpool can save the energy sources of petroleum and money. For instance, if we drive the car individually then we have to pay more money for using more petroleum and there are more petroleum had been used and reduced.

In contrast, if we carpool then we can share the money of the petroleum and the amount of petroleum on the earth would not finish so fast.Moreover, I often open air conditioner before I take this subject. I am a people who body’s temperature very high. Thus, I always feel hot but I do not wonder why I would be like this.

It is just like my body will release some heat especially while I am sleeping. So, I opened air conditioner while I am home. However, I reduced the times I open the air conditioner because from this subject I wonder that it will release Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Man–made CFCs are the main cause of ozone depletion in the stratosphere and it will cause the development of skin cancer since ozone concentration of stratosphere reduced.

Hence, I try to not open air conditioner and use fan to substitute.On the whole, I learned a lot from this subject, I learned carpool, not open air conditioner as often, sort the rubbish, use green manure to plant flower instead of fertilizer, and so on. Other than that, I switch off the laptop while I am not using to reach sustainable.