The most important setback in my life is related to my education. At the tender age of twelve, I was enrolled for Secondary Education. The system of instructions and curriculum was quire different to my previous studies. So the first obstacle that impeded my educational was a lack of understanding about the new system of instruction and teaching methodology. The system was based on acquisition of knowledge through texts books and other prescribed book.

Teachers used to transfer knowledge without referring to creative and innovative approaches. They never tried to mention any suggested readings other than traditional text books. Activity based learning was almost absent. Furthermore excellent examination result was the only parameter to judge a student’s abilities and academic merits. Every student worked on his own rarely sharing idea with his classmates. College’s environment was not conducive for building interpersonal relationships.

At the time I was still a dependent, shy, and modest. But this educational environment of the school further pressed down my creative abilities and pushed into the realm of inactivity and unambitiousness. The net result of this situation was negative effect on my academic performance. My academic performance grading ranged from average to below average during his period. The low score in my exams drove me to the bottom of the class. Although my parents tried to rescue me but in vain.

This episode was repeated over months and I became more introvert and start neglecting any participation. But this does not mean that I gave up at the first hurdle, I changed my learning approach, attended tutorial classes, and invited private tutor at home to take extra classes. But all these efforts and other remedial measures turned into failures as I was unable to recognize real malady. But these efforts were not fruitless as it implanted in me certain habitual formations i. e. hard work, search for substitute, analytical thinking, flexibility etc.

All these competencies enabled to prepare for future. My father helped to recognize the true cause of this dilemma I. e. that my native educational system was highly inappropriate for me. So my father decided to send me to the USA for further studies. I was admitted to Dean College. As this system was aligned with my natural inclinations and creative faculties, so due to these reasons and other (my habits and behavioral competencies developed during the bas patch of life helped significantly), I excelled in my studies.

I must admit that the American system of free and independent learning has affected me and inspired me with a love of knowledge. My results are a proof of this achievement. In America, several other impediments came into my way i. e. the difference of culture, language and the system of education. I produced inter-cultural competence to overcome these differences and polished my skills in oral and verbal English. Now I am well versed in English. Now I have defined parameters about the solution of this problem.

In future, if something similar happens, I will utilize my behavioral competencies and analytical thinking to handle situation. Furthermore, my flexible nature will allow me to mould my abilities according to the situation. I am well aware of the fact that mere desires do not translate into something concrete and sheer hard work and exploitations of opportunities are needed to excel in life. But idealism and desires are a must as it is said; `In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure’.