Earning a Masters degree in MIS will be the greatest highlight of my life as I desire to specialize in this field. Currently, the University of Economics in Ho Chi Ming City where I obtained my Bachelors degree in MIS does not offer a graduate program for this field of study. With my dedication, hard work and passion for excellence, I will be able to complete the program and fulfill all the requirements of the course. The knowledge and exposure that I will gain will enable me to establish an IT business that will enable me to contribute to economic growth and provide employment to people in my country.

As a team player, I can work effectively on group projects and any assigned task. With my five years experience in the software industry in Vietnam, I can impart my knowledge on database designing and programming to my classmates. Being a member of Vietnam CIO club, I am kept abreast with the current trends in information technology through seminars and activities and I can share whatever I have learned about the rapid growth of software outsourcing in the world and how CIOs apply IT in business and in the public sectors.