Debbie Allen was born on 16 January 1950 in the Houston, Texas. She is a famous American actress, writer, television producer, choreographer, singer, dancer and television director. She is also a member of the President's Committee for Arts and Humanities departments. She is mainly known between Americans for her role as Lydia Grant in the television series Fame. This was a super hit series of 1982. Debbie Allen is a daughter of Andrew Arthur Allen and Vivian Allen. Arthur was a dentist and her mother Vivian was a poet, artist, and publisher. Her mother was an African American woman.

Debbie was the youngest among three children of Andrew Arthur Allen and Vivian Allen. Tex was her brother and Phylicia Rashad was her sister. Tex was a jazz musician and Phylicia Rashad was an actress. Debbie lived in Mexico with Tex and Phylicia because of the racism in the United States at that time. There was a lot of racism in the Texas in 1950s. That’s why Debbie is good in Spanish. In 1971, Debbie completed her school education from Jack Yates Senior High School of Houston, Texas. In 1971, she completed her graduation with the degree of B. A. in Speech, Greek Literature, and Theater from Howard University.

She taught many young dancers and also taught choreography to many people. After the divorce of her parents she was very close to her father Arthur. After the death of her father she started production company "D. A. D. " in the respect of her father and "D. A. D. " stands for "Doctor Allen's Daughters". Debbie came into discussion in 1980 after the role of Anita played by her in the Broadway revival of West Side Story. Because of this award she got nomination in Tony Award, a Drama Desk Award nomination, and a Drama Desk Award. In the movie Fame of 1980 Debbie Allen was first time appeared in the role of Lydia Grant.

Her role was very small in this movie, but she became famous on the basis of this role. She was also good choreographer and she was a choreographer in her film and television series. She won two Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe Award for her works. She also released some solo albums. Recently in 2008 drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof of the all-African-American Broadway production is directed by her. Winnfred Wilford was her first Spouse, with whom she married in 1975. she divorced in 1983 and Norman Nixon, a former NBA player, was her next Spouse. At present she is with him with their two children.

She did work in many fields and she is still doing work in many fields such as Producer, Television, Director, Dance, Writer, choreographer and Film. Many things can be learnt from the life of the Debbie. Her life is a life with full of struggle. He faced problems at each and every path of her life, but despite these obstacles she didn’t see back in her life. She fought with each problem with her full potential. The word "multi-talented" could be used for without hesitation. This quality taught us that our interest should not be limited in one field. We should spread our interest in the various fields of a category.

We should use our talent in various fields. There was a great quality of determination in Debbie. She was very ambitious. She got this success because of her determination and ambitiousness. Debbie life teaches that we should not fear by the conditions of an area. We should survive in any kind of condition. There was a great racism in the United States in 1950s, but Debbie survive in those conditions and now she is a very popular person of the United States. She is at this stage just because of her hard decisions. Debbie was a keen learner from her school time. There was a great eagerness in her mind for each and every thing.

That’s why her learning abilities are good. We should also take interest in every subject, at least in which subjects that we are learning. This would be helpful for our development and progress. Confidence is another quality, which we have to learn from the life of Debbie. Despite many challenges and problems Debbie never lost her confidence/. She always maintained her confidence level. We should never loose our confidence because without confidence we can not do any thing in our life. "Confidence in yourself” is the first tool for getting success in your life. Debbie work is very creative. There are many examples of Debbie creative work.

You will get new creative ideas if you take interest in your work. Creativity will definitely come in your work, if you will give your 100% in that work. Another thing we learnt from her life is that nothing is small for starting your career. She did many small roles at her initial level. If there is talent in yourself, then you can get success from anywhere. Despite doing so many small roles at initial level of her career, she got success. According to Debbie- “I'm very fickle--whatever I'm doing at the moment is the thing I like best. ” but it is wrong because each and every thing should be done according to a plan.

Debbie is very passionate towards her work and she likes to work in free time. “If I didn't love my work, I wouldn't have the energy to do all the things I've done. But my work is a discipline, a way of life. ” These sentences show that work is each and every thing for Debbie. She gets energy by doing work. This should be the thinking of each person for getting success. Common sense and capability of handling the physical world are Debbie's greatest strengths. She is a down-to-earth person. For getting success it is necessary that everyone should be a down-to-earth person.