Going to the Coachella Art Festival was one of the best moments in my life. I made so many friends and have so many great memories that will last a life time. It was a last minute trip that I will never forget. The incredible music and intense amount of art culture and creativity made Coachella an unforgettable experience and should be seen by everyone at least once in their lives. Over the last few years I have heard so many of my friends and family talk about how much fun they have had at Coachella and how it’s something I have to experience.

Now I had a good idea of what it was and it never really interested me at all; however, I remember hearing about last year being really good and had spectacular performers like Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Cee lo Green and Miss Lauryn Hill. These are artist that I really enjoy and would have loved to see last year. This year when all my co-workers started talking about it non-stop how they are planning their trip and that they had seventeen cars that were going up with them, I started second guessing myself and was actually wishing I was able to go.

When I found out who was headlining and the other musical guest I decided that I wanted to go It was going to take a miracle for me to go because there was only a week before Coachella so I gave up on the idea and just figured I would go next year, but It just so happened that I hurt my knee playing basketball the Monday before the festival. My doctors said I couldn’t go back to work till next Monday; as a result, I called my friend at work and she gave me the bright Idea to go on craigslist and look to buy a last minute ticket to Coachella and that she would take care of everything else.

For the next two days I searched frantically and bought my ticket Tuesday night at a shady Mc Donald’s in Ontario and paid face value for the ticket. It was official, I was going to Coachella. We left at two in the morning Thursday at and seventeen cars followed right behind us. We were the first ones there and we had to wait till they let us in at 9am. The reason why we left early was because if we go in first our tent sight would be right in front of the venue instead of at the back.

It’s better to be in the front because then you don’t have to walk as much and it’s easier to come back for food and beverages then to buy stuff from the venue. After we got in they thoroughly searched all seventeen cars and sent us to our camping sites to make sure we don’t bring any drugs or weapons and to make sure we don’t bring too much alcohol because there is a limit on how much alcohol is allowed in the park. They let us drive in and our tent sites were right in the front row, we were finally at Coachella.

Friday they opened the gates at eleven in the morning to the festival grounds. We headed in and couldn’t believe our eyes there were so many beautiful art sculptures and so many vibrant colors throughout the grounds. There were six different stages and by each of the stages there was a huge art piece by them that can’t even be explained. They had a life size tyrannosaurus rex figure made of recycled plastic that was hollow and if you brought ten plastic or aluminum bottles they would put them in the dinosaur they would give you a free water bottle.

At night they had a massive dome room that was covered in huge white globes that changed colors constantly and a DJ was inside playing music and everyone was dancing. They also had golf carts that were decorated as huge snails that lite up and they would drive people around. The amount of art was almost too much to take in all at once. It was something that I didn’t even expect at Coachella I thought it was just all about music and nothing else. It was a spectacular sight to see and I appreciated all the time and effort that was put in to making it about not just music but art too. Now the music was the icing on the cake.

I got to see so many of my favorite bands and DJ sets. It was simply incredible. The first day of music was really good I would have to say my favorite were DJ Geo, Skrillax, and Pure Filth. These were all dj sets and had a techno feel to them. I did most of my dancing during these sets because there weren’t that many people at these stages. On day two The Phoenix, La Roux, and Tegan and Sarah were the best performances for me that day there was also a special guest performance from singer R. Kelly that shocked the crowed myself included. I would have to say the best night for me though was day three.

Franz Ferdinand and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were so amazing when they performed it was simply transcending. My all-time favorite performance over the whole weekend was Franz Ferdinand. I love them and listen to their music all the time so seeing their show was the best part of the trip. Coachella was the best last minute decision I’ve ever made. The music, art and people made this one of the best experiences of my life that I will never forget. I’m already planning next year’s trip. I’m trying to get as many of my friends to go because it truly is something that everyone needs to see and experience in their lives.