Often sited as one of Mexico’s if not the world’s premier tourist destinations, the coastal city of Cancun, often noted for its pristine beaches, tourist destinations and vibrant night life, is truly a one-stop shop for all tourists from all walks of life. As part of the Yucatan Peninsula (Cancun Image, 2007). , Cancun offers world class beach destinations boasting immaculate wind sands and soothing environments that would even rival the beaches of Boracay and Maldives. Its cities are plentiful of restaurants catering to all kinds of tastes and all walks of life.

There is nothing that cannot be found to Cancun’s restaurants that will fill your tastily desires. There is considerably a lot of things that tourists can find to do in the city, and a simple 5-day trip cannot simple provide you with enough time to explore all the possibilities to do and the places to visit in Cancun (Cancun, the Mayan Gold Coast). Visitors should consider going within the months of December to April as these months are considered Peak Season. Tourists frolic in Cancun at this time and it is assured that tourists will be met by ready-hand and seasoned tourist caterers and establishments.

Events are rampant within and outside the city all geared towards giving tourists a vacation they would not forget. On the other hand, the off-peak season offers minimal foot traffic and with it, the opportunity to enjoy Cancun without the hustle and bustle. Beaches are quieter and the city streets are less filled than usual. Tourists can find that the off-peak season is a good opportunity to really savor the essence of Cancun. Both on the off-peak and peak season, tourists can find that Cancun is ready at hand to offer something that tourists will always remember and would always persuade them to come back.

Cancun hosts the municipal seat of the Benito Juarez metropolis. It is bordered by other tourist destinations such as the renowned Women Island (Isla Mujeres), the Caribbean Sea, the Nichupte and the Bojorquez Lagoons. The new section of the city a broad range of diversely cultural stores and accommodations fit for all walks of life. The older section of the city is where overly sized neighborhood blocks that are called “supermanzanas” are formed by the intersections of the boulevards within the areas.

Being in the older section of the city brings back the nostalgia of memories for tourists and visitors of the old Cancun, with its winding streets and cul-de-sacs that have nature parks and spaces for everyone to rest and take a breather. When first conceptualized, Cancun was envisioned as the next best tourist destination program by Mexico in its bid to promote tourism development within the land. Hotel and economic zones was created and founded mainly on the tourist industry. The improvement program of Cancun was initiated by the previous president Alvarez.

The 100 x 50 km wide strip of beach front and land was targeted to be the location of tourist spots, restaurants, prime real estate, and hotels for the soon to be abundant tourists to go into Cancun. Essential infrastructure was then developed as bridges, roads, up to date sewage and area wide electrical systems was created to encourage further growth and development. Currently, the center of the city that is connected to the main island by two bridges boasts of a considerable number of shops, restaurants and hotels for everyone to take advantage and utilize (Siegel).

The Fondo Nacional De Fomento al Turismo or Fonatur was created in order to provide the necessary financial funding for the development of essential tourist infrastructure and facilities. The Goal was to create the necessary tourist infrastructure in order to support the expected 1. 5 million tourists yearly. As of today, Cancun boasts of nearly 20,000 hotel rooms and accommodations that range from middle income sized hotels to five-star class rooms and accommodations (Siegel). Another important infrastructure that was created is effective transformation systems.

It is essential that there is a means where tourists and visitors can access Cancun, easily and efficiently. In order to address this, the Cancun International Airport was created in order to provide an easy access to foreigners in entering Cancun (Wikitravel, 2007). Today, the Airport is Mexico's 2nd busiest airport. Tourists can find that there are cheap and readily available flights from most major air carriers. In addition to air travel, the government invested heavily on transport services on the road. What are best known about Cancun are its transportation mediums.

Although there are available rent a car groups around town, tourists are recommended to utilize the public means of transportation in order to get around. As the government has invested heavily on creating cost and travel effective means of transportation, public vehicles are found to be highly cost-efficient and Taylor fit to meet the traditional aspect of the city and at the same time meet the demands of present time. Buses are the most appreciable mode of transportation where you will be able to really savor the taste of local Cancun.

Bus drivers are even knowledgeable of Basic English enough for them to bring tourists around. In order to truly taste Cancun’s most famous night life, it is important to go and visit Carlos and Charlie's bar and restaurant, the notable Coronaville and the most popular Coco Bongo. Being in these bars is truly exhilarating and truly intoxicating. If at the height of the night you are pulled into dancing into a conga line, forgetting everyone’s doubts and fears, speaking incomprehensible Spanish, don’t be surprised.

One of the most notable areas here is Coco Bongo’s entertainment presentation that comprises a dance number with show girls dancing from elevated areas and swinging from ceilings. This is truly something that should never be missed by first timers. Another notable bar and restaurant is Senor Frogs. This world renowned restaurant is a world class restaurant in the morning and becomes a dance club by night. The menu of the restaurant boasts of internationally cuisine from chefs trained abroad (Cancun, the Mayan Gold Coast).

Something that adds on to the twist of Senor Frogs is its famous water slide that starts from the club out into the lagoon near the bar. Something that can be done just for kicks! For something that is deeper and essentially bigger, tourists showed experience what its like to go into the City, O Ultra Lounge and Daddy'O. The City is essentially a stadium type of bar where a large group of people can dance the night away with top entertainers and world class DJs spinning the music for everyone’s delight.

In addition, Vegas like dance sessions are unannounced and keeps on surprising the guests so don’t be astonished to find famous dance presentations pop out while in the midst of enjoying your Mexican drink. The O' Ultra Lounge is a futuristic New Your City kind of bar that assures people of a very good time up to the early morning (Wikitravel, 2007). Tourists should take some time out and put into their vacation calendars time for Cancun’s most famous beaches. As one of Cancun’s main attractions, its immaculate white and multi-hued waters and beaches provide for something that should not be missed.

In addition, the edge of the open ocean fronting Cancun is an invite for the most arduous swimmers around. In addition, Cancun is filled with coral a formation that is an added attraction for snorkeling and diving (Wikitravel, 2007). Another part of Cancun’s tourist attractions that should be visited is the Mayan Ruins. The historic sites are only approximately 80 miles south of Cancun. The historic Mayan city of Tulum holds more than 60 structures and is believed to be an important ceremonial site for the Mayan people.

These ruins that date back more than 17 centuries but still show some semblance of roads, walls, homes and business areas. The major tourist attraction of Tulum is El Castillo that is essentially a large pyramid nestled in a forty-foot cliff that is thought to be a part of a system of lighthouses (GoCancun, 2007). Cancun is truly a one-stop shop tourist destination. From the bustling nightlife within the city, people can go next to a casual meal in one of the world renowned restaurants in the City.

Tourists can take advantage and take a break in one of Cancun’s pristine white beaches and take a dive and explore the ecologically diverse and abundant waters surrounding the island. In addition, tourists that would want to know more of Cancun’s history can venture into the old city streets and take a tour of its illustrious historical monuments attesting to Cancun’s vibrant heritage, culture and traditions. From all walks of life with varying tastes and desires, Cancun has something for everyone.